100 Year Old Nazi Fighter Lights Menorah for the First Time

It’s never too late! A special facebook post, by Rabbi Chaim Danziger from the Jewish community of Rostov, Russia:

This Chanukah we visited Yefim Isaakovich Kravchik and lit the fourth candle with him. This was his first time lighting the menorah ever. Today also happens to be his 100th birthday.

Efim Isaakovich endured a lot of hardships during his life. His father was killed when he was just a young child and he was drafted to the army as a young man to fight against the Nazis.

Despite it all, he is cheerful, optimistic and energetic. We wish Yefim lots of continued health, strength and joy and may the light of the menorah continue to bring him blessings for many more years to come.

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