11th FSU Clothing Gift Distribution Comes As Needed As Ever

Just in time for the fall holidays, the FJC in partnership with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) and the Gloria Jeans clothing franchise, distributed clothing gift certificates to 5,000 Jewish children from across Ukraine and Russia. The certificates, which are redeemed in Gloria Jeans stores, provide each child with a set of new clothing for the season, including shoes and warm jackets.

“This provides serious support for many Jewish families of our community in these unstable times,” said representatives of the Mariupol community in Ukraine, which has a large group of participating children.

This is the 11th certificates distribution, which is conducted seasonally, twice a year, in time for the winter and summer seasons. The recipients are Jewish children from families in need – families struggling with child disabilities, single-parent families or those in dire economic situations.

“I am bringing up my son alone, without the help of any relatives. Because of his disabilities I have fully devoted myself to his needs and don’t have the opportunity to work – we live on a small pension from the government. The clothing certificate came very timely and really brightened up our mood – over the summer my son grew out of his old clothes and we were in need of a new wardrobe for the winter,” said one mother from Volgograd, Russia, another Jewish community that participated in the distribution.

Overall, more than 55 cities across the two countries benefited from the distribution. Started in 2012, the clothing gift card initiative provides much-needed help to Jewish families across the FSU thanks to continuous support from its partners, the IFCJ, headed by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, and the Gloria Jeans franchise.


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