FJC graduate was killed in the Russian army

19-year-old Dmitri (David) Nekrasov OBM, a soldier in the Russian army, was buried On July 29 at the Jewish cemetery in Malakhovka after dying on Thursday in an explosion that occurred by accident. Dima studied in several of the FJC’s educational institutes, including the Kfar Citrin village in Israel and was dedicated to the Jewish […]

Redefining what “Day Camp” means

If you love young children, summer and camp – then the summer camp in Ulyanovsk, Russia, is just for you redefining what Day camp can achieve. Come watch a fun gallery of trips, activities, culinary & crafts. And if you happen to be curious, then this is the full list of attractions one small Day […]

Summer Camp in Siberia…!?

Would you travel to Siberia for summer camp? Well, maybe not… but the FJC does! Hundreds of happy campers have just finished attending the Omsk overnight camp, and you get to see a wonderful gallery of fun and play.

Israeli Mk’s amazed at Georgian Summer Camp

A special delegation of Israeli Knesset members visiting the FJC’s summer camp in Georgia, were amazed by the unforgettable experiences granted to the Jewish children of the remote land. The dignitaries met the hundreds of local Jewish children that participated in this summer’s camp, and witnessed at first hand the great efforts and love invested […]

West Ukraine: Single-parent mother & child camp

More than 50 single-parent mothers with 70 children participated in a unique summer camp for both needy parents and children from 24 different remote and distant villages in poverty stricken West Ukraine. The ‘Alumim’ Jewish Community center in Zhitomir hosted the special camp designed to assist the poorest Jewish families throughout West Ukraine, many of […]

FJC assists relief efforts in Krasnodar floods

Under the auspices of the ‘Fellowship of Christians and Jews’ lead by Rabbi Yechial Eckstein, essential aid and thousands of clothes, were collected from manufacturers and importers by the ‘Sharei Tzedek’ Chesed (aid) Center of Moscow, and have been transferred to the Russian emergency base to help the thousands stricken by the floods in the […]

“We all love (kosher) Ice-Cream…”

History: Due to the ever-growing demand for kosher products in the CIS, one of the biggest manufacturers in Russia has created the first ever kosher ice cream in the CIS. The FJC’s historic influence and rebuilding of Jewish communities and heritage in the CIS has created a strong demand for kosher food and products. This […]

Remarkable Youth Seminar attracts dozens

Passionate about discovering their Jewish connection, more than 60 Jewish youngsters from 23 different locations in the CIS participated in an amazing two-week seminar packed with attractions and lectures. Students and youngsters aged 18-28, some of whom are also participants of the STARS student program, gathered together from across the land in a two-week Youth […]

Ambassadors attend new Torah inauguration

The inauguration ceremony of a new Torah scroll, donated to the Jewish Community of Baku, Azerbaijan, turned into a significant event attended by the Ambassadors of the USA and Israel and heads of communities. Over five hundred community members from throughout the land, and friends from abroad, attended the introduction of a new Torah scroll […]

Educational leaders convene in Petersburg

More than twenty leading School Principals from FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ Jewish School network in the CIS gathered for a remarkable three-day professional convention in Petersburg, Russia. Now that summer has arrived, and the pupils throughout the CIS are out on vacation – the school directors and principals have taken the opportunity to gather together for […]