Penza Youth Seminar brings inspiration

Over 35 Jewish youngsters from Penza and neighboring cities participated last weekend in a fun and inspirational “First Step” Seminar in the luxurious “Pure” Hotel. Lectures, Shabbat meals, dancing, concerts and even cooking – were all part of the attractive program also attended by local and Israel dignitaries.  The program concluded with words of praise and requests for […]

Mariupol remembers her Jews murdered in the holocaust

On the 20th of October 1941 more than 16,000 Jews from the city of Mariupol were cruelly executed by the Nazis.  71 years later the Jewish community continues to remember and honor those who died in vain, by gathering at the site where they were shot and buried. What used to be a small tank ditch, near the small […]

Former President Gorbachev meets chief Rabbi

Former President Gorbachev

The former President of the USSR Mr. Michael Gorbachev, famous for leading his land to Democracy met yesterday with the chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar. Gorbachev was invited to attend the grand opening of the new Jewish Museum in Moscow expected to open next month. [nggallery id=151] 

The ‘Menorah’ Jewish Center opened in Dnepropetrovsk

One of the largest Jewish Center’s in the world, ‘Menorah’, was opened yesterday in a grand opening ceremony participated by the community, philanthropist, rabbis and dignitaries. The center contains the largest Holocaust Museum in Europe. More than 400 guests from Ukraine and around the world participated in the historical opening of the 7 buildings large […]

100 years to Tver’s historical Synagogue

A delegation of dignitaries and rabbis, including the Chief Rabbi of Russia, the head of the Joint and representatives of the Israeli Embassy in Russia – participated in a special visit commemorating 100 years of Tver’s historical Synagogue that survived both the Wars and Communism.

Israeli head of parliament visits Petersburg

Mr. Reuben Rivlin, the Israeli Knesset’s speaker, accompanied by knesset members Mr. Chaim Katz and Mr. Robert Elituv and many dignitaries – arrived last week for a formal visit to the Jewish Community of Petersburg, Russia. During their formal visit, also accompanied by the local consul of the Israeli embassy and executives from the foreign […]

“Man of the year” awards presented in Petersburg

During the annual celebration benefiting the Jewish community of Petersburg, the traditional “Man of the year” awards were presented to three leading Jewish figures who have contributed greatly to the Jewish identity and continuity during 5772. The event was honored by Israeli minister Mr. Yuli Edelstein, who spoke at length about the accomplishments of the […]