Holocaust memorial at the “Road of Death”

The Jewish community of Odessa, Ukraine, alongside dignitaries and public leaders, gathered at the memorial sign “Road of Death” in the Prokhorovka Park, the place where the Jews of Odessa were sent from the ghetto to the firing trenches. The Governor of the Odessa region, Mr. Edward Matviychuk, the mayor of Odessa Mr. Alexey Kostusev, and other public […]

Dual memorial event commemorated in Volgograd

The international Holocaust Memorial Day and the 70th anniversary of the historical victory in Stalingrad were commemorated together in a special event of the Jewish community of Volgograd, Russia. Veterans, soloists and school pupils – all performed in the unique event. [nggallery id=188]

FJC presents: How to light Shabbat candles?

New: the FJC is proud to present its new special Video production, sponsored by the Leviev foundation, explaining and visualizing in spoken Russian how easy and simple it is to light Shabbat Candles. The Video is the Second out of a series of productions soon to become available, which will assist the FJC in its […]

Odessa: “For man is like a tree of the field”

In Honor of ‘Tu B’shvat’, the pupils of the FJC’s Jewish school in Odessa, Ukraine – prepared a special program that included: speaking about traditions, presenting funny scenes and competitions, and acting as models dressed up like fruits and plants…[nggallery id=186]

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”

Sumgait, Azerbaijan – As the winter turns colder, the FJC’s special Winter Relief project, operated in partnership with the IFCJ, has answered the call of the distressed Jewish community and has distributed hundreds of warm coats and boots to its children. [nggallery id=185]

“The children are our best fruits”

Kherson, Ukraine – A diploma for excellence, warm words, exhibitions, an original performance and a lecture on psychological tricks – were all part of the FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ special event taking place in honor of the 15th of Shvat festival. Hundreds of children, parents and community members – packed the banquet hall of Kherson’s Synagogue, […]

Yekaterinburg vows to remember and not forget

Members, International dignitaries and honorable guests, gathered yesterday in the JCC and Synagogue of the Jewish community of Yekaterinburg, Russia – to commemorate the memory of the Holocaust victims who perished during the Second World War. During the ceremony, candles were lit in memory of the victims and the traditional ‘Yizkor’ prayer was recited by […]

Bar & Bat Mitzvah celebrated in school

Together with their classmates and educators, a special group of pupils learning at the FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ Jewish school in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine – celebrated their Bar & Bat Mitzvah at a special event to be remembered for life. Besides gifts, dancing and singing, warm words and delicious cake, the celebrating children came prepared after attending […]

‘Tu B’shevat’ celebrated throughout the FSU

The 15th of Shevat, the ‘New Year’ for trees, was widely celebrated in a series of fascinating events throughout the Jewish communities and school network of the Former Soviet Union. Special gatherings, parties, lectures, fruit tasting and unique arts & crafts – accompanied the celebrations. [nggallery id=180]

Holocaust day commemorated by the FJC

Dozens of special memorial events will be taking place in the upcoming days throughout the Former Soviet Union in honor of the International Holocaust Memorial Day. More than 200,000 survivors still live and are regularly assisted by the Jewish communities in the FSU. The events, beginning yesterday, are traditionally attended by thousands of community members, […]