Jewish students perform at international festival

Representatives of nineteen national communities gathered in Rostov, Russia, for the “Unity is Strength” festival. The Jewish community was proudly represented by the children of the FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ Jewish school. The festival, organized by the Rostov International Institute of Economics and Management, presents various national ceremonies, costumes, music, languages and dialects. Each of the […]

‘Siddur Party’ celebrated in Lugansk

After successfully learning to read Hebrew, last week in a special event, the children of the First-grade of the FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ school in Lugansk, Ukraine, gathered with friends and family to celebrate by receiving their own very first ‘Siddur’ prayer books. [nggallery id=178]

New Jewish puppet show now in Georgian

As part of the efforts of the FJC’s representatives in Georgia during the last two years to create a wide range of Jewish materials in the Georgian language, a new Jewish puppet show has been established benefiting the community’s children. A special team of educators and experts, headed by Rabbi Meir Kozlovsky, and supported by […]

Charity Center presents art exhibition

The “Sharei Tzedek” Charity Center of Moscow is now presenting an unique exhibition of outstanding paintings drawn by the actual benefactors of the center’s varied humanitarian aid and cultural activities. The Center offers a wide range of classes and lectures, concerts and cultural events, medical aid, warm meals in their soup kitchen and distribution of […]

Siberia: Dancing despite the freezing weather

Despite a temperature of -32 Celsius (-25.6 F) outside, the local Jewish community of the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk celebrated the inauguration of a new Torah Scroll last Thursday that was welcomed into the ‘Tabchinik’ Synagogue with singing and dancing. The special event was attended by guests from around the world, Mr. Michal Abrhamov from […]

Babruysc: Minister visits Jewish Community

Accompanied by the special ambassador of Azerbaijan, the Minister of Culture to the Mogilev region of Belarus came to visit and learn about the thriving Jewish community, its synagogues and activities. During their visit, Mr. Anatoly Anatolyvitz and the ambassador discussed the latest successes of the Jewish community and explored different possibilities for cooperation with […]

Bat Mitzvah celebrated in Donetsk

The ‘Kosher Café’ of Donetsk, Ukraine, recently hosted a unique event, which turned into a communal event: Miriam’s Bat Mitzvah. Together with her friends, she celebrated her big day after weeks of preparations. After the formal part of the evening ended, lots of interesting contests, games, slide shows, festive treats and even a master-class given […]

FJC School sets a worldwide example

More than fifty students from around the world visited today the FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ Jewish School in Zhitomir, West Ukraine, and witnessed with their own eyes the revival of Jewish education in the Former Soviet Union. The students, who came from the United States, Australia, Europe and Israel – enjoyed a detailed tour of the […]