Purim celebrated throughout the FSU

Thousands of Jews of all ages and walks of life, old and young participated this week in a series of festive events in honor of the joyful festival of Purim, which took place throughout the entire Former Soviet Union. You are invited to watch our picture gallery and join the fun. More picture galleries at […]

Winter Seminar reveals ‘The Meaning of Life’

Over 100 Jews from the entire region joined the four day ‘Grand Winter Resort’ that took place in Tolyatti, Russia. The freezing weather didn’t deter this excited crowd who yearned for more. The Seminar that included a long weekend and Shabbaton took place in the new hotel facilities in Tolyatti, based in the new Jewish […]

Bar & Bat Mitzvah trip to Moscow

After a year of preparations towards their big day, a group of Bar & Bat Mitzvah children from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, set out on a special trip to museums and attractions in the capital city of Moscow as part of their celebrations. The trip included a visit to the new Jewish museum, a personal audience […]

President Putin visits new Jewish Museum

Moscow, Russia – Russia’s President, Mr. Vladimir Putin, arrived yesterday for a formal visit to the new Jewish Museum. He was accompanied by the Chief Rabbi and the President of the FJC of Russia. President Putin was personally involved in the building of the Museum and even donated one of his monthly salaries to it. […]

Historical Synagogue to be restored

The remains of the historical Synagogue in the famous Jewish city of Zhitomir, Ukraine – were torn down this week as part of the Jewish community’s efforts to restore the building and return it to its days of glory. The Synagogue will be restored and expanded. The restoration project has been postponed several times in […]

Special Bat Mitzvah celebrated with other birthdays

A special event for very special children, took place this week in the Orphanage of the Jewish community of Odessa, Ukraine. A festive Bat Mitzvah was celebrated along with the birthdays of another eight children who were all born during the joyous month of Adar. The evening was attended by guests and community members, and […]

70 years later: community continues to remember

Rostov, Russia – On February 14th representatives of the Jewish community of Rostov gathered to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Rostov from the hands of the Nazis in 1943. During their occupation the Nazis killed over 20,000 Jews at Zmievskaya Balka on the outskirts of the city. [nggallery id=193]

Chelyabinsk: Jewish Community hit by meteor

“We heard a huge blast, everybody started running, there was panic,” said Rabbi Meir Kirsch, the FJC’s representative in Chelyabinsk, Russia. “Many glass windows in the Synagogue exploded; we ran outside and were told it’s a meteor from space.” The blast that occurred early this morning happened while the Jewish community was gathered in the […]

Bar Mitzvah Emerges from the Holocaust’s Horrors

When a large number of human bones mixed in with pages containing Hebrew words were discovered at a building site in the town of Netishyn, Ukraine, the few local Jews turned to the only rabbi they knew for assistance. It all began with a phone call, says Rabbi Alexander Faingold, the FJC’s representative in Khmelnitsky, […]

Vancouver treats the children of Odessa

Traveling from Vancouver, Washington the JBN group of Jewish businessmen, arrived especially to voluntarily assist in the diagnosis and dental treatment of the needy children of the Children’s home and Orphanage in Odessa, Ukraine. Led by Rabbi Shmuel and Zvi Greenberg, and organized by Mrs. Lynn Miller – the physician Dr. LouConstant and two medical students, Shai Kaspi and Elad Tzrifin, used the new clinic of Dr. Mandy […]