The ‘Europe-Asia Academy’ honors Jewish leader

The FJC’s representative to the city of Kazan, Russia – Rabbi Yitzchak Gorelik – was selected recently by the ‘International Humanitarian Academy Europe-Asia ‘ as an honorary member in recognition of his past and ongoing efforts to help the needy in his region.      

FJC’s educational network: continuing the success!

Special ceremonies, in honor of the end of the 2012-2013 academic year, are now taking place in dozens of FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ Jewish educational institutes throughout the FSU. With thousands of pupils and hundreds of satisfied graduates – the revival of Jewish life in the FSU continues. The ‘Or Avner’ educational institutes, founded by the […]

Sochi celebrates with New Torah

Hundreds of community members, guests and dignitaries, participated last Sunday in the inauguration of a new Torah scroll that was donated to the Jewish community and introduced into the Synagogue and JCC of Sochi, Russia. The last letters of the Torah scroll were written in a special ceremony that was attended by the Chief Rabbi […]

68 years later: Stalin’s forged picture exposed

On the 9th of May, Russia marked 68 years since the historic victory over the Nazis by the Red army as they marched into Berlin. A picture representing the conquering of the ‘Reich’ became world famous, but only few knew of the changes Stalin had made in the picture. Long before the days of Photoshop, the dictator had changes made to the picture’s background and small […]

Victory Day marked throughout the FSU

The 9th of May, marking this year 68 years since the historic victory over the Nazis by the joint forces that ended the Second World War, was widely celebrated last week in hundreds of Jewish communities in the FSU, whose members include many war veterans. Prayers such as ‘Yizkor’, laying flowers upon memorial sites, special ceremonies, lectures and meetings with veterans and holocaust […]

Chernigov embarks on unity trip

In honor of Shavuot, members of the Jewish community of Chernigov, Ukraine, united in a special trip combining spiritual awakening and enjoyment. The 100 kilometer trip to Neyzin began with special classes and prayers and continued with a lively Barbecue party. [nggallery id=218]

FJC presents: How to put up a Mezuzah?

New: the FJC is proud to present its new special Video production, sponsored by the Leviev foundation, explaining and visualizing in spoken Russian how easy and simple it is to put up a Mezuzah. The Video is the third out of a series of productions soon to become available, which will assist the FJC in […]

Historic Mission to Europe

On the eve of the International victory day May 9, a group of 100 University students from across Russia took part in a historic mission, visiting Jewish sites all throughout Eastern Europe. The trips objective was to reconnect Jewish Russian youth to their heritage, and put a special emphasis on the part which the Russian […]

A story of divine providence

Just over half a year ago, the Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Kazan in Russia was approached by a friend who knew of a person who had somehow received an antique piece of parchment. The parchment was found buried in the midst of a forest in Belarus, under the rubble of what was once a Jewish village that was brutally destroyed during […]

Jewish pride celebrated in the open!

In honor of Lag Baomer, last Sunday, thousands of beautiful children’s parades – celebrating Jewish pride publicly – took place across the entire world and in hundreds of communities throughout the Former Soviet Union. Watch our gallery. [nggallery id=215]