Update: FJC Rabbi was shot by Muslim terrorist

Derbent, Russia: Dagestan’s government has declared that the shooting of Rabbi Ovadia Isakkov – the FJC’s representative to Derbent – was performed by a member of one of the most extreme Islamic terrorist groups in the Chechnya-Caucasus area. The information was delivered to Rabbi Ahron Gurevitch – the FJC’s military chaplain – in a special […]

Russia’s chief rabbi calls for eliminating “jihadist underworld”

Moscow, July 25, Interfax – Russian Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar has called for dealing mercilessly with terrorists. “There is not and can be no compromise with terrorists: the state is not only entitled to but also obliged to use all means available against them,” Rabbi Lazar said in a statement on Thursday when commenting on […]

‘Mitzvah Tanks’ conquer Russia

FJC’s motivated young Rabbis are dedicating their summer once again to an exciting three-week expedition throughout Russia, visiting over 60 Jewish communities, some of them remote, towards the upcoming High Holidays and New Year. The young Rabbis, leaving from Moscow, converted three large caravans into mobile Synagogues and ‘Mitzvah Tanks’. They are warmly received by […]

Breaking news: FJC Rabbi shot in Derbent

While returning home from supervising the preparation of kosher meat, Rabbi Ovadia Isakov – the FJC’s representative to Derbent, Dagestan, Russia – was shot and severely injured by an unknown man. The rabbi has been hospitalized and operated and his situation remains critical. Derbent is located in an important crossroad between the Caspian Sea and […]

Touching: Tragedy strikes; Jewish community unites

Yesterday (16/July/13), in the midst of the 9th of Av – the historical mourning day on which the temple was destroyed – tragedy hit in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine as a 4 year old girl, Pauline Turyanskaya was run over by a car while crossing the road with her mother and sister. The Turyanskaya family, part […]

Summer Camp campaign goes viral!

Touching and embracing, the FJC’s new Summer Camp 2013 fundraising campaign has managed in less than two weeks to successfully motivate dozens of fans and friends to open their hearts and donate for the benefit of the needy Jewish children in the FSU. The campaign focuses on the positive effects of summer camp on the […]