A Record First For Siberia

JTA.org reports: Hundreds are expected to attend the opening in Novosibirsk of what is said to be the largest Jewish community center in Siberia, Russia. The Beit Machem Center, which is due to open Wednesday, will feature a synagogue, classrooms, a kosher restaurant, Jewish shops, computer corner and entertainment area as well as a gym, according […]

‘Darkeinu’ enters grade nine!

The remarkable new Jewish heritage learning program ‘Darkeinu’ (our way) is proud to present its latest production:  Jewish tradition – from ancient days to modern times! The 9th grade educational program consists of 2 books, and follows Darkeinu’s previous productions for grades 1 – 8, that have had tremendous success throughout the FSU. To learn more about […]

The FJC presents: New diary for 5774

A beautiful new diary for the new learning year of 5774 has been produced by FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ educational division and the Leviev foundation. The diary will be distributed at nominal cost to thousands of the network’s pupils and students. The new diary combines stories and features about the Jewish festivals and special dates, pictures and modern […]

Israeli Knesset member visits ‘Or Avner’ Baku

Baku, Azerbaijan – The head of the Israeli parliament’s State Control Committee, Mr. Amnon Cohen, was the special guest of the FJC’s educational campus and Jewish community of Baku. The Knesset member, who was accompanied by the Rabbi and the Head of the community, showed his appreciation of the beautiful complex built by Mr. Lev Leviev – the President of […]

President Peres honors supporters of the FJC

Friends and supporters of the FJC’s activities in Moscow and founders of the Jewish School in Baku, Azerbaijan – Mr. Zerach Eliav and Mr. Gad Nisov – were invited today as special guests of the President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, in his headquarters in Jerusalem. After each of the honorable guests had received a […]

Tragedy: floods strike Eastern Russia; relief efforts have begun

Floods hitting Eastern Russia this week, are considered to be the worst environmental disaster in the last 120 years. The waters – expected to remain high for several more days – have already caused more than 100 deaths. The FJC of Russia has begun relief efforts in order to assist and save lives.   At least eight million people living […]

An Intimate Look at Life in a Harsh Russian Gulag

BY MAX AVDEEV AND JULIA IOFFE newrepublic.com K-28, a maximum-security Russian penal colony, is located in Yertsevo, in the northern Arkhangelsk region near the Arctic Circle. It was once part of a cluster of camps founded in the late 1930s as part of the Gulag system. Today, it houses over 1,000 prisoners, many of whom were convicted on […]

What Would Stalin Say?

By Rabbi Berel Lazar My relationship with Reb Shmuel Rohr started about twenty years ago, in the early 1990s. He was visiting Russia on a business trip, looking for investment opportunities. Truth to tell, I looked at him kind of quizzically: “Investment? In Russia!?” This was a country that everyone was trying to get out […]

Rostov Mass Murder Remembered

Two Hundred people gathered in the memorial site in Rostov to remember the victims of the largest mass killing of Jews by the Nazis in Russia. August 11-12 marks 71 years since the mass killing of 27,000 people (mostly Jews) by the Nazis at Zmievskaya Balka (Snake Valley), when they gathered all remaining Jewish residents […]

Rostov Community Leads Uplifting Seminar

VIDEO HAS ENGLISH SUBS – CLICK ON CAPTION to get them https://youtu.be/CZ39rbbPLfU    This past week 65 students from 10 cities gathered together for a special 6 day youth seminar promoting Jewish traditions and awareness, in an effort to combat assimilation. The seminar’s main topic was Jewish marriage and building a Jewish home, and was […]