Sochi Jews Gearing Up For Games

The Pale of Settlement and nearby areas around the Black and Caspian seas, where Jews lived for centuries, were full of cities that had rich Jewish pasts. Sochi was not one of those cities. The emerging Jewish community of post-communist Russia is full of cities that boast a wide range of religious, educational and cultural […]

New rabbis ordinated in Moscow

Rabbinical students from home and abroad celebrated last week the completion of their studies in the Ran institute of Moscow and were officially ordinated as rabbis. The ceremony was attended by Chief Rabbi Lazar and distinguished rabbis from Israel. 

Jewish Museum Commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day

The Moscow Times By D. Garrison Golubock Moscow’s new Jewish Museum will commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Monday for the second year running with a candle-lighting ceremony attended by Holocaust survivors, foreign diplomats and government representatives. “It commemorates the day that the Red Army liberated Auschwitz and freed the Jews who were still held there,” […]

Young Leadership Program successfully launched

A new exciting youth movement, named ‘EnerJew’ has been successfully established and implemented by the FJC, aimed at the teenagers and youngsters of Russian and Ukrainian Jewry. With five branches in the first stage during 2013, EnerJew is expected to double during 2014. The new movement, generously sponsored by philanthropist Mr. Gregory Finger and the FJC’s President […]

Jewish ‘Olympics’ already on the way

As Russia prepares for the Winter Olympic Games of 2014, the thousands of pupils at FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ Jewish schools – are already competing between themselves who will be the winner of the ‘Darkeinu’ Olympic Jewish heritage quiz of 2014. The quiz, attended by over 45 of the network’s schools from the different countries of […]

Festival of Trees celebrated across the FSU

Hundreds of Jewish communities and educational institute from across the former Soviet Union, celebrated this past Thursday the day of Tu’ Bishvat (the 15th of Shvat) in a wide series of events: workshops, gatherings, concerts, special events, parties and lectures. The events which were attended by thousands of community members were dedicated to the special […]

FJC releases its fifth newsletter

The FJC is proud to launch its fifth monthly online newsletter. The new designed and well edited newsletter is planned to appear monthly in your e-mail boxes and to present interesting facts, stories and news about the revival of Jewish life in the FSU. To watch our newest edition, press here: To join simply enter […]

Jewish Grodno needs your help!

A major fire broke out in the Grodno Synagogue and completely destroyed the rooms which were in use in the historic building, the chapel and the kitchen, as well as the contents, furniture, books, and equipment. The fire was caused by an accumulation of soot in the building’s outdated chimney, which caught fire and inflamed […]