Holocaust Memorial Day: Revival and Renewal

Leizer Pozniak was born into a warm and devoted family in the 1930’s. He lived together with his parents, grandparents and little brother in the city of Rostov on Don, Russia. As a young child, Leizer would spend his summers in a village with friends and cousins. During the summer of 1942 while on summer […]

Torah Welcomed Amidst Unrest

Despite the current instability in Ukraine, the Kharkov Jewish community gathered to celebrate the completion of a new Torah donated by Mr. Shimon Steren in a momentous celebration. The happiness and feeling of unity throughout the event made the participants stronger and inspired despite all the current economic and political instability. For many it was […]

Ukrainian rabbi denounces anti-semitic leaflet

The Telegrath Members of the Jewish community in the pro-Russian protest hub of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine were left shaken by the distribution on Friday of tracts demanding the registration of Jews. Concerns were evident, despite scepticism from Jewish leaders in the region and a US group fighting anti-Semitism, the Anti-Defamation League, that the pamphlets […]

Novosibirsk inaugurates New Torah Scroll

Hundreds of community members and guests participated this Sunday in the festive inauguration of a new Torah scroll, the first ever to be donated to the new grand Synagogue of Novosibirsk, Russia that had opened only half a year ago The last letters of the Torah scroll that was donated by the Zilvonesky family, were […]

Passover surprise: new clothing for the most needy

In honor of Passover 3,500 of the neediest Jewish children across the Former Soviet Union are now receiving special clothing packages made possible thanks to the FJC’s blessed partnership with the IFCJ and the Gloria-Jeans franchise. Each child is receiving a card with a set amount of credit so that they can purchase clothing of their own choice, color […]

Nizhny Synagogue celebrates 130th anniversary

Hundreds of community members and distinguished guests, headed by Chief Rabbi Lazar, celebrated this Sunday the 130th anniversary of the grand Synagogue of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. The festive event opened with the inauguration of a new Torah scroll, dedicated by Mr. Piaksel in memory of his parents. After the last letters were written, the hundreds of participants marched throughout […]

Tension rises in Ukraine: They need our help! * Passover Campaign *

At times of crisis, the first to be harmed are always the needy and vulnerable. The rising tension, uncertainty and collapsing economy have deepened poverty for thousands of Jewish families and children in Ukraine and the rest of the FSU.  Each of these needy families, well known to the FJC, deserves to celebrate Passover with […]