Putin: “They were murdered only because they were Jews”

President Vladimir Putin participated in a memorial event for international Holocaust Remembrance Day, the day that Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet army 70 years ago. The event took place at the world’s largest Jewish Museum at the Marina Roscha Synagogue in Moscow, directed by Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar. Rabbi Lazar opened […]

Rocket Attack in Mariupol, Ukraine, Leaves Jewish Community on Edge

By Dovid Margolin  | Chabad.org  Take action at => https://fjc-fsu.org/new_fjc/emergency-campaign/ Shabbat-morning prayers were about to start at the synagogue in Mariupol, Ukraine, when the rocket barrage came. “The whole synagogue was shaking; we knew right away this was very serious,” says Rabbi Mendel Cohen, the seaside city’s rabbi and Chabad and FJC’s emissary. Moments after it ended, the […]

‘World of Jewish Woman’ Magazine comes back

The leading magazine for Jewish Russian-speaking women in the world has announced its renewal after it was forced to pause its activity due to the war in Eastern Ukraine. The popular magazine has become one of the signs of Jewish revival in the FSU. The magazine contains exciting stories, recipes, tips, fashion, interesting facts and […]

Refugees Themselves, East Ukraine Emissaries Strive On

 By: Dovid Margolin | Chabad.org  – The second of two articles on Jewish life in war-torn eastern Ukraine. – Rabbi Sholom Gopin, standing in center, chief rabbi and Chabad emissary of Lugansk, Ukraine, spends time in Ashdod, Israel, during Chanukah with former members of his community who left because of the war back home.   […]

“Man of the year” celebrated in Moscow

Six thousand members and guests of the Jewish community of Moscow attended the annual celebration in honor of Chanukah and the special world-famous awarding ceremony “Man of the Year,” hosted by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia. The event, honoring chosen individuals that had a special impact on Jewish life in Russia during 2014 […]

Scattered Among States, Donetsk Jewish Community Inches Into 2015

– The first of two articles on Jewish life in war-torn eastern Ukraine – By: Dovid Margolin | Chabad.org  For the first time in two decades, no public Chanukah celebration took place this year in the center of Donetsk, Ukraine. Gone was the towering menorah on Pushkin Boulevard surrounded by thousands of men, women and […]

FJC presents: The Jewish Family

New: the FJC is proud to present its new special Video production, sponsored by the Leviev foundation, explaining and visualizing in spoken Russian the concepts of the ‘Jewish Family’ and ‘Family purity’. The Video is the seventh out of a series of productions soon to become available, which will assist the FJC in its mission […]