500 Russian Jews to shop at Hyper Cacher near Paris

MOSCOW (JTA) — Russian Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar is slated to lead a delegation of 500 young Jews to the Hyper Cacher supermarket near Paris where four Jewish shoppers were murdered. The delegation of 18-28 year olds from across Russia is scheduled to leave from Moscow on May 1 for Poland, Berlin and France, Lazar […]

EnerJew continues to expand; Counselor seminar opens in Moscow

Thirty talented new youth counselors, from the 15 branches of the rapidly growing ‘EnerJew’ Jewish youth movement, attended  a special five day professional seminar in Moscow, the capital of Russia, attended by mentors and leading lectures. The new Madrichim (counselors) are training to professionally run their varied activity with the Jewish youth throughout the Former […]

Jewish Olympics: High Level of Jewish Education Unseen in the FSU for Generations

  Out of the 1,639 students who participated in the Second Annual Jewish Olympics, a test of Jewish heritage knowledge, 60 finalists were flown from across the Former Soviet Union to Israel for the final stage of the competition in Jerusalem. Students in the 90 FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ Schools across the Former Soviet Union, studied for the […]


Walk into what was once a Moscow bus station and you’ve stepped into what’s not merely an institution of “living history” but one of “interactive history” – a place where one can go back in time not by the simple act of looking at the past but by actually taking part in those times in […]

The Act of Remembering

This past summer the FJC launched a new website, a new way to remember, Yizkor Wall – A virtual memorial wall for those dear and departed. With Yom HaShoa (Israeli Holocaust Remembrance Day- April 16) and Yom HaZicharon (Israeli Remembrance Day- April 22) approaching the staff of Yizkor Wall is expecting an influx of submissions to […]

Lugansk Jewish Community: School Building Not Confiscated During Passover

By Dovid Margolin   |  Chabad.org  News reports claiming that representatives of the separatist Lugansk People’s Republic violently confiscated the Beit Menachem-Or Avner Chabad Jewish day-school building in Lugansk, Ukraine, are false, according to the embattled city’s chief rabbi, Shalom Gopin. “At the end of March, representatives of the LPR entered our school building in Lugansk and […]

Russia: Deaf Jews Celebrate Their Heritage at Deaflympics

By Menachem Posner   | Chabad.org  As one of the only rabbis serving the Deaf community, Rabbi Yehoshua Soudakoff is constantly on the go. Right now, he’s in Khanty Mansiysk, Russia, bringing Shabbat, matzah and Jewish awareness to contestants and guests at the 18th Winter Deaflympics, which runs from March 28 to April 5. Since the first Deaflympics—then […]

Batumi synagogue back to Jewish community after 86 years

by DFWATCH STAFF | Photo: Pirveli TBILISI, DFWatch–Georgia’s State Agency on Religious Issues on Thursday decided to transfer ownership of the Batumi synagogue to the Jewish community. The Jewish community has been requesting ownership and usage rights to the oldest synagogue in the city, which lies on the eastern shores of the Black Sea. The Batumi […]

500 Seders Held Across Russia

Throughout Russia, from Moscow to Siberia – 500 public Seders were held this year, which were attended by thousands of Russian Jews. Over 150 different public Seders were held In the capital city of Moscow alone, which were attended by thousands of people from all walks of life in Moscow. The largest of them was […]

Just in time for Passover; New clothing for the needy

FJC does it again: In honor of Passover 5,500 of the neediest Jewish children across Ukraine, Russia and the Former Soviet Union are now receiving special clothing packages made possible thanks to the FJC’s blessed partnership with the IFCJ and the Gloria-Jeans franchise. Each child is receiving a card with a set amount of credit so that they can […]