EnerJew’s professional staff convenes in Jerusalem

The capital city of Israel, Jerusalem, hosted last week the annual convention of the professional staff of EnerJew – the Jewish Youth Movement of the Former Soviet Union.  Thirty two leading experts participated in the event that has an critical effect on the future of Russian Jewry. During the five-day intensive convention, the discussions focused on a summary of the last year’s […]

In Mariupol, Ukraine: Faces on the Frontlines

By Dovid Margolin and Jonathan Alpeyrie   |  Chabad.org  MARIUPOL, UKRAINE—The southeastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol has been on edge for more than a year now, with the thud of Grad rockets falling in the distance a part of daily life. “During Shavuot, we heard them all day long,” says Rabbi Aron Kaganovski, 30, who assists the […]

First Kosher Restaurant Opens in Novosibirsk

History in Novosibirsk, Russia: Chief Rabbi Zalman Zaklas announced the opening of the very first kosher restaurant in Novosibirsk. The new eatery, named “Jerusalem Cafe’” offers a well rounded menu of kosher dishes and is centrally located in the Bait Menachem Community Center.  The restaurant offers hot and cold entree’s, salads, soups and desserts. ,   […]

A First for the Rohr Family

By COLlive reporter Photos by Levi Nazarov The philanthropic Rohr family of New York and Miami have over the years helped build numerous synagogues, community centers, schools and humanitarian institutions for Jewish communities around the world. Yet there is always a first, even for the Rohrs. The new Brit clinic in Moscow, a division of […]

Once Ukraine’s kosher food basket, Donetsk now reliant on food packages

By Sam Sokol | The Jerusalem Post  Every day Jews wait on line outside of the Beth Menachem synagogue in Donetsk, waiting for food packages and hot meals. Gone are the days when this industrial city was the primary producer of kosher comestibles in Ukraine, exporting its products to Jewish communities throughout the country. Over […]

The Shmuel Rohr Brit Milah Clinic of Russia Opens

By Lubavitch.com At Marina Roscha—Moscow’s Jewish Community Center—men and women make life changes on a daily basis as they discover their Jewish traditions. “Today there will be five circumcisions here,” noted Rabbi Berel Lazar, the country’s chief rabbi, Monday afternoon. Remarkably, they are young and not-so young men who, having learned about the fundamentals of […]