FJC President’s delegation visits Eastern Russia

“He changed my life. A few days have gone by since Shabbat, but I’m still here sitting around the table with him.” These were the words of Mr. Misha Katz, a Jewish businessman from the famous city of Birobidzhan, the ‘Jewish Autonomy’ in Eastern Russia.    “He showed us what is the truth, what are the real priorities in life, the real meaning […]

Putin Praises Russian Jewish Community in Rosh Hashanah Greetings

JPUpdates Staff Russian President Vladimir Putin signified his admiration to the Jewish community in Russia as they mark the start of a new year -Rosh Hashanah, in a letter directed to Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar. “For every Jew, Rosh Hashanah is not just a salute to the priceless spiritual and historical heritage of their […]

Moscow Scribal Center Offers Russian Jews a Holier Type of Luxury

By Dovid Margolin   |  A trained scribe unfurls the tiny parchment and peers at its intricate black letters. He dabs his quill into ink to make a small correction. This scribe—or sofer in Hebrew—is not sitting in Jerusalem or Brooklyn; he’s at the offices of the newly opened Lishkas Stam in Moscow. The sofer and […]

100 Year Celebration of Kazan’s Historic Synagogue

by Rena Greenberg – Kazan, Russia | – Photos by: Eli Segal.  Kazan, the capital of Russia’s Muslim-majority autonomous republic of Tatarstan, celebrated the 100th year anniversary of its grand central synagogue this week. In preparation for the milestone year, the synagogue’s historical interior sanctuary was restored and the building’s façade got a […]

Hundreds in Estonia to Join in Public Rosh Hashanah Tradition

By Menachem Posner   |  In years past, the Jewish community of Tallinn, Estonia, kept a low profile, the long-term result of half-a-century of Soviet oppression and Nazi persecution. Yet come Rosh Hashanah, hundreds of Jewish people will parade through the center of this nation’s capital city again this year, singing Jewish songs, many wearingkipahs on […]

On the Frontline in Ukraine

A Jewish community hangs on, despite the uncertainty BY DOVID MARGOLIN | The Weekly Standard  Mariupol, Ukraine It is late evening as we approach the second of three checkpoints on the road to the frontline city of Mariupol, in southeastern Ukraine. A vital port on the Azov Sea, Mariupol is heavily fortified by land and by […]

“How to celebrate the High Holydays” now in Russian!

The FJC is proud to present its newest release “How to celebrate the High Holydays” a contemporary guide in spoken Russian, by the ‘Yahaduton’ booklet series, explaining all about the festive laws of the Month of ‘Tishrei’. The booklet – sponsored by FJC’s President Mr. Lev Leviev – is part of an extensive series of […]