The ‘Darkeinu’ Olympic Jewish heritage quiz: thousands enter the first stage

Thousands of Jewish pupils across the former Soviet Union, pupils at the FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ network of Jewish schools, participated last week in the first stage of the 3rd annual  ‘Darkeinu’ Olympic Jewish heritage quiz for 2015. Jewish ethics, festivals and traditions, the uniqueness of the Shabbat and our nation’s heroes from the Tanach are the chosen topics […]

Near China Border, Russian Prime Minister Joins Dedication of Jewish Center

By Staff  This past Friday saw the grand dedication of a brand new Jewish Center in the far-eastern Russian city of Vladivostok, a major Pacific port city on the Sea of Japan, close to the China and North Korea borders. The classically-designed structure houses a beautiful synagogue, a Jewish school, rooms for Torah study, […]

200 plants in Russia make Kosher products compared to three of them existing ten years ago

Moscow, December 16, Interfax – There are 200 plants in Russia, which have a certificate of Kosherity, the Federation of the Jewish Communities of Russia told Interfax-Religion on Wednesday. These enterprises produce not only food, but also household chemical goods. The certification is confirmed every year. There were only three plants with a certification of […]

Russian PM congratulates Jews on reopening far-east synagogue

(JTA) — Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited the synagogue of Vladivostok in Russia’s far east shortly after its reopening. Built in 1916, the synagogue, which is located 350 miles west of Russia’s maritime border with Japan and 9o miles from Russia’s land border with North Korea, was confiscated by communist authorities in 1932 and turned […]

Jewish Community Center opens in Rublyovka

By Vestnik Kavkaza This year Hanukkah is celebrated from December 6th to December 14th. Yesterday Vladimir Putin met Alexander Boroda, the president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, and Berel Lazar, Chief Rabbi of Russia, and wished all Jews happy Hanukkah. A few days earlier in the Moscow Region the new Jewish community center ‘Zhukovka’ […]

Putin initiates law against anti-Semitic Biblical commentary

By Hillel Fendel | Arutz Sheva 7  At the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Duma (Russian Parliament) has legislated a law outlawing “distorted and/or extremist” commentary of Scriptures. The purpose of the unusual law, it is widely understood, is the prevention of cynical advantage being taken of Biblical verses for anti-Semitic purposes. Russian […]

Putin congratulates Jews on Hanukkah

Moscow, December 10, Interfax – Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated all Russian Jews on Hanukkah. “This is a big and bright holiday when one candle is kindled every day. This is not just a holiday of renewal and light but also of courage of the Jewish people,” Putin said at a meeting with Russia’s […]

Moscow honors former refusenik Yosef Begun

By Victoria Martynov | The Jerusalem Post | photo credit: VADIM BRODSKY At the Annual Hanukka ceremony of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia at the Kremlin in Moscow on Tuesday night, Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar of Chabad presented the special Fiddler on the Roof Award to human rights activist and former refusenik […]

Jews start celebrating Hanukkah Peace all over the world

Vestnik Kavkaza | Dec 6 Today Jews start celebrating Hanukkah, ‘the holiday of candles’ that lasts for eight days from the 25th of the month of Kislev up to the 2nd of the month of Tevet according to the Hebrew calendar. In 2015, these days are from December 6th to December 14th. Hanukkah is celebrated […]

Thousands in Moscow Watch First Light Kindled on Menorah

By Staff  Hundreds of Jews gathered this evening in Revolution Square in Moscow to watch the lighting of Russia’s largest menorah. The event, which was witnessed by thousands of passers-by, marked the first night of Chanukah. The giant menorah was lit in the country’s capital city by Rabbi Berel Lazar, chief rabbi of Russia […]