Zhitomir: Last standing Synagogue nearly rebuilt

More than 40 synagogues served the 30,000 Jewish population in the famous “Shtetl” of Zhitomir, West Ukraine, before the days of the horrific holocaust. Only one of them survived, located in the center of town. A glorious building that wasn’t destroyed, but was closed and shut down. Throughout the age of Communism the historic synagogue, now dating 120 […]

Jews welcome in Russia, Putin tells Europe’s Jewish leaders

Russian president Vladimir Putin has met with European Jewish leaders to discuss their concerns over rising anti-Semitism on the continent. During the meeting, Putin pointed out that many Jews emigrated from Moscow when it was part of the former Soviet Union. He said now they can come back. The president of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor […]

New stunning ‘Or Avner’ Kindergarten opens in Orel

As the winter break comes to an end in Russia, the Jewish community of Orel announces the opening of a new Jewish kindergarten to serve the Jewish families of the city and surrounding region. The new educational institute, part of the FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ vast Jewish educational network across the former Soviet Union, opened with a special […]

Ukraine plans museum to commemorate Babi Yar

By Julie Masis | The JC.com  A museum will be built in Ukraine next year to mark the 75th anniversary of one of the biggest single Holocaust massacres, the mayor of the Ukrainian capital announced last week. “Since we understand that the world is very fragile, we must transfer to future generations the memory of […]

EnerJew opens a new branch in Briansk, Russia

EnerJew, FJC’s Jewish youth movement across the FSU, announces the opening of a new branch in the city of Briansk, Russia. The youth movement, now already active in 25 cities in five different countries, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgian and Azerbaijan, is excited by the opportunity to expand its activity to one of the most prominent Jewish communities in the […]

Kherson: Jewish youth volunteer to clean cemetery

Youngsters and students from the Jewish community of Kherson, Ukraine, set out last week to show their respect for the deceased members of the community by cleaning up and renovating the local Jewish cemetery where they are buried. The volunteers encountered dry vegetation, dirt and garbage that had to be removed.  They also discovered that many of the paths and […]

How a Jewish reporter celebrated Hanukkah at the Kremlin

REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK | By Cnaan Liphshiz | JTA MOSCOW (JTA) — Like many tourists in Red Square, I have often wondered what lies beyond the tall walls that separate this Moscow attraction from the Kremlin, the official residence of Russia’s president and the nerve center of the state. As a journalist long obsessed with Russia, I’ve wanted […]

Governor of Stalinist ‘Jewish Homeland’ Gets a Bar Mitzvah

New Birobidzhan leader promises to build the city’s first mikvah By Chabad.org Staff   Alexander Levinthal, the newly appointed governor of Birobidzhan —the storied “Jewish” oblast close to the Chinese border in the Russian Far East — took part in an unexpected celebration last week at a meeting with Jewish leaders in Moscow after he […]