Odessa Orphanage Hosts World-famous singer‏

 After a concert in Odessa, Ukraine, world-famous Jewish musician Avraham Fried visited FJC’s Children’s home in the city for a day of powerful impact and connection. As the children gathered at breakfast, they were surprised and delighted to have the famous guest join them for the meal. The breakfast continued with two birthday celebrations. One […]

Russian Chief Rabbi Urges New Push Against Anti-Semitic Hate Speech

By JTA Following the dissemination of an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory by a politician from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s party, a chief rabbi of Russia called on the government to stamp out hate speech against Jews. Rabbi Berel Lazar’s appeal Friday to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was in reaction to the April 10 statement on Jews […]

Uplifting Jewish Musical Concerts across Ukraine

Avraham Fried, the “King of Chassidic music” and popular Jewish singer and entertainer, gave historic first-time concerts in three Ukrainian cities last week, attracting audiences of thousands of Jews from all over the country. The concerts honored 25 years of Jewish heritage revival in Ukraine and focused on the power of Jewish unity. The performances […]

EnerJew gathers in Petersburg‏

The 3rd annual EnerJew counsellor seminar took place in Petersburg, Russia last week. The seminar is part of a year-long training course designed to prepare energetic and creative group leaders for the youth movement’s city clubs. Activists and aspiring leaders from 16 cities participated in the Petersburg seminar. They returned home with the goals of […]

Model Matzah Bakings Fire Up‏

Hundreds of festive Model Matzah baking happenings for children and adults are now taking place in Jewish communities throughout the FSU, in the days preceding the holiday of Passover. Matzah baking has always been an uplifting occasion, with the Matzah bread signifying freedom and salvation. Jewish children of different backgrounds gather for the model Matzah […]

Smolensk Gets Ready for Pesach

As the city of Smolensk in Russia gears up its Pesach preparations, a special lecture was organized by the city’s Rabbi , Levi Mondshine. The lecture, which covered many aspects of Pesach was delivered by Rabbi Yonatan Feldman, as part of the FJC’s new “Maggid Project” under the Yachad initiative. Additionally, special food packages containing Pesach necessities […]

Passover Relief Underway in FSU‏

A massive humanitarian aid effort is underway in FJC’s Jewish communities across the former Soviet Union ahead of this year’s Passover festival. 100 tons of matzah and thousands of food items and clothing will be distributed  to those in need throughout Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and other FSU countries. With inflation high and the economy […]

FJC Passover Appeal Runs Now‏

FJC launches Passover fundraising campaign of “Hope, Bravery and Love.” The Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS is turning to its friends and supporters in an appeal to help touch more lives and provide for more families and individuals in need. Those receiving our help include: children and refugees, impoverished and disabled, old and […]

Darkeinu Olympics Pick the Winners

FJC’s Darkeinu Jewish heritage Olympics finals took place in Petersburg, Russia this week. Over 1,500 high school students participated in the preliminary rounds of the tournament, with 39 making it to the final round. A part of the finals was held in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine three weeks ago, to accommodate participants from different FSU countries. The […]