Jewish Institute Celebrates Graduates

Last week saw the graduation of young ladies from the Machon Chamesh Jewish Institute in Moscow, who received their Bachelor degrees in Public Relations and Economics.  The diplomas were distributed at a moving graduation ceremony in Moscow’s Jewish Community center. FJC’s Machon Chamesh Institute is one of the few higher education institutions in the FSU […]

Ukrainian City Renames Street in Honor of the Rebbe

The people initiated the name change, recognizing Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson as a local hero By Dovid Margolin  | Pulling down on a light-blue tarp, Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezki and Rabbi Mayer Stambler unveiled a brand-new street sign this morning in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine: Menachem Mendel Schneerson Street, 1. The newly renamed street, which honors the […]

Birobidzhan Revived by New Torah Scroll

FJC’s Jewish community of Birobidjan in the Russian far-East, received a gift of a new Torah scroll from an anonymous American sponsor last week. The new Torah is the first ever scroll of their own for Birobidjan Jews, who have previously used one on lease from a Moscow community.  The occasion was among the most […]

A glimpse into Azerbaijan’s hidden all-Jewish town

Even as its future is uncertain, the unique north Caucasus community of Krasnaya Sloboda is experiencing a religious revival BY LEE GANCMAN | Times of Israel  KRASNAYA SLOBODA, Azerbaijan — “Not good,” Rabbi Yona Yaakobi says in Hebrew, expressing his distaste while pointing to a grave featuring a statue of a man who died in 1988. […]

Crane falls at Jewish construction site in western Russia

(JTA) — A massive crane crashed down at a site where construction workers are building Russia’s westernmost synagogue and one of the country’s largest Jewish community complexes. The 450-feet yellow crane crashed down last week on the site in Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave located northeast of Poland, as a result of safety violations by the […]

Shavuot Celebrations Inspire FSU Communities

Thousands of Jewish community members throughout the FSU, participated in Shavuot holiday festivities that took place in the beginning of this week. Shavuot celebrations carry a signature mark of all-night learning, milk delicacies and flower decorations. Hence there was no shortage of lectures and engaging study programs, pre-holiday baking and bouquet workshops, children’s activities and ice-cream […]

Darkeinu Goes to Kindergarten

‘Darkeinu’ – FJC’s unique educational curriculum for teaching Jewish tradition to FSU schoolchildren is preparing to launch its first kindergarten program in September. The program will provide a fun and creative way for preschoolers to learn about Jewish heritage and further develop their skills and abilities. Over 80 Jewish kindergartens in the FSU will integrate […]

Life Through a Different Lens: Moscow’s Jewish Film Festival

The Moscow Times | By Ruth Moore Tomorrow is opening night of the Moscow Jewish Film Festival, a cultural event offering Muscovites the chance to become acquainted with the world of Jewish professional cinematography. Over the course of the week, more than 35 films with a focus on Jewish culture will show at leading cultural venues including the Center of Documentary Film, GUM and the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. Organizers […]

Estonian Jews celebrate their new Torah scroll

By Estonian World The Jewish community of Estonia celebrated the inauguration of their newly-written Sefer Torah scroll that is dedicated to the past, present and future generations of the Estonian Jews. The precious scroll travelled across the country, to be completed by Jews in the places of past and present Jewish dwellings and memorials, before […]

Israeli PM Opens ‘Jewish Life’ Exhibit in Moscow

As part of his official visit to Moscow, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participated in the opening of ‘Jewish life in Russia’ exhibition yesterday. The exhibition, that is taking place in Moscow’s main exhibition hall Manezh, features artifacts from tens of communities and synagogues across Russia, the Jewish Museum in Moscow and other highlights of […]