EnerJew Ambassadors Visit Europe

In yet another creative initiative, the EnerJew youth movement is developing a way to keep the project’s enthusiasm pumping even through the summer, when club members are on a break. ‘EnerJew Ambassadors’ is a pilot program that takes the most active club members in every city on a short but busy trip to Europe, where […]

Historic Synagogue & Jewish Quarter Get-a-“Go”

The site of the to-be-rebuilt synagogue in Kaliningrad, Russia ( former Konigsberg, Germany) will be enlarged to include the creation of an entire Jewish quarter in its historical location, the project organizers said this week. The project is expected to be ready in 2017, after a long stalling period. The rebuilding of the Konigsberg synagogue, […]

Estonian Jews Celebrate New Torah Scroll

The Jewish community of Estonia and the Tallinn synagogue celebrated the inauguration of a new Torah Scroll yesterday. The newly written Sefer Torah is dedicated to the past, present and future generations of Estonian Jews. As such, the precious scroll traveled across the country, to be completed by Jews in the places of past and […]

‘Or Avner’ Celebrates Year’s End

FJC’s 124 ‘Or Avner’ educational institutions,  schools and kindergartens throughout the FSU celebrated this week the end of the school year. For hundreds of graduates it means a bittersweet farewell to the warm Or Avner family, as they begin a major new step in life, while for the remaining 6,800 pupils the occasion joyously marks their achievements […]