Russian Jews will help project synagogues and opening Jewish museums in Europe

Moscow, August 26, Interfax – European rabbis borrow from Russia its experience of building community centers and Jewish museums and Russian Jews will help them in it. “The Jewish Museum and Center of Tolerance in Moscow, its technological experience, archives, historical documents, other communities (of Europe – IF) took it for axiom for setting up […]

From NJ to Odessa, With Love Renata Magurdumov, originally from Odessa, Ukraine, gathered her friends in New Jersey to make a difference in the lives of orphans in her hometown. Twenty seven years ago, lives were changed forever, when at the age of nine, Renata Magurdumov and her family left their home in Odessa, Ukraine, to immigrate to the United […]

Boys From Soviet-Era Homes Run Summer Camp in Kharkov

A win-win for everyone, building Judaism and community in Ukraine Communists forbade them to study Torah; now, their children are teaching Torah to a new generation. The parents of Zalman Antomonov, Efraim Kolpak and Michoel Manochin once lived under an oppressive Soviet regime. They could never have imagined that one day, their sons would be […]

Upgrades on the Rise in FSU communities

A series of FJC community development projects are taking place throughout the summer in the FSU, among them synagogue renovations, new mikvah ritual bath constructions and more. All the communities are citing increased interest in Jewish traditions and a rise in community involvement as the reason for expansion. In July, the Jewish community of Tashkent, […]

Despite Critics, Historic Russian Translation of the Talmud Gains Steam

A monumental effort with commentaries is launched with the first three volumes Pro-Russian Jews, Not Anti-Soviet Politics The first modern attempt to translate Jewish texts into Russian was undertaken by Professor Herman Branover in the early 1970s while the renowned physicist was still living in the Soviet Union. Following his emigration in 1972, Branover, a […]

‘Jewish Capital’ of Belarus Granted Center Space for Jewish Museum

In a historical decision, the city government of Bobruisk, Belarus has granted the local Jewish community the rights to a plot of land with the remains of an old synagogue in the city center last week. Even though the land itself will remain a property of the city, the Jewish community will now be able […]

STARS Ukraine Travels to Israel and Europe

The Stars youth program, which unites young people worldwide for Jewish heritage studies, gained momentum this summer in Ukraine, with two international trips – one to Israel and one to Europe – for program participants in July. The first trip, which was attended by members of Ukraine’s ‘Stars Intensive’ (a program whose learning curriculum is […]

Kids from War-torn Regions welcomed at FJC’s Rostov Summer Camp

An inspiring example of Jewish unity was demonstrated at the FJC’s Gan-Israel camp in the Russian city of Rostov this summer. Together with the local Jewish community, the camp welcomed tens of Jewish children from war-torn Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and in some cases, even their relatives. This is not the first time the Rostov […]

Mothers-and-Children Camp in Zhytomir Uplifts Spirits

A unique summer camp has reopened in Zhytomyr, Western Ukraine this year: an FJC camp for Jewish mothers and children, many of whom come from some the worst living conditions imaginable, where the campers get a desperately needed break and spend the 9-day session resting, re-connecting with themselves and learning valuable skills of better “life-coping.” About […]