Oryol Synagogue Returned to Community

The Jewish community of Oryol, a city and administrative center in south-west Russia, rejoiced Monday at the return of the historical building of the local synagogue to its original purpose. The synagogue was built by the community at the turn of the 20th century, but already in the 1920’s was appropriated by the state, serving […]

Odessa Orphanage Celebrates a New Home

The FJC’s “Mishpacha” Orphanage and Children’s home in Odessa, Ukraine celebrated the opening of its new home Wednesday. The reconstructed 4-story building hosts a dormitory for the home’s 52 girls on the upper floor, while the other three floors are used for the Jewish elementary school of over 100 pupils, a kitchen & cafeteria complex […]

Omsk “Or Avner” Director Awarded Education Prize

The director of FJC’s “Or Avner” Jewish school in Omsk, Russia was recently named one of the region’s “outstanding education professionals” by the region’s administration. The title was awarded to director Irina Shapkina by the Omsk governor in an official ceremony last week. Irina Shapkina has been working in the region’s educational system for 45 years, the […]

FJC Communities Join the Shabbat Project

Hundreds of people in FJC communities across Russia and the CIS took part in the 3rd annual Shabbat Project, celebrating the Jewish Shabbat worldwide on the weekend of November 11th. The project calls on Jews everywhere to ‘keep together’ one Shabbat in full accordance with Jewish law and celebrates the significance of its shared heritage. […]

Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center awarded UNESCO prize

IGOR ROZIN, RBTH The Tolerance Center at the Moscow Jewish Museum has been awarded the Madanjit Singh Prize for the promotion of tolerance and non-violence. The award ceremony was held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.   The center was recognized for its wide range of activities, including research and educational programs promoting dialogue between religions and worldviews, with […]

Russian Mishnah Translation to “Revolutionize Learning”; The Rohr Family Edition

A unique translation of the Mishnah, the Jewish Oral Law codex, was presented last week by FJC publishing house Knizhniki. The Rohr Family Edition, which took five years to complete, is said to “radically improve the understanding of Jewish texts” for Russian-speaking Jews. The Mishnah was first recorded in writing at the beginning of the […]

Uzhgorod Women Make Challahs in Ancient Synagogue

Over a hundred Ukrainian Jewish women came together for a festive challah baking workshop in Uzhgorod, Ukraine last Thursday. The workshop was organized in honor of the Bat-Mitzvah of the city rabbi’s oldest daughter, as the family wanted to use the opportunity to “touch” as many local women as possible by bringing them an evening […]

Russian Prime Minister Visits the Western Wall

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev came to Israel Wednesday for a two-day official visit, marking the 25th anniversary of re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Accompanied by Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, Medvedev chose to open his visit at the Western Wall, where he met with rabbinic supervisor of the site, Rabbi Shmuel […]

EnerJew Seminar Fosters Leadership; “The Birth of Real Power”

The large EnerJew seminar “Grand Shabbaton North”, which brought together over 250 teenage activists from 19 cities in Russia and Belarus, closed this week, after an impressive 5-day marathon of learning and inspiration. The seminar concluded with a gala-dinner attended by Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, FJC Russia president Alexander Boroda and prominent philanthropist […]

Unique Jewish Museum Opens in Moscow’s Charity Center

A unique Jewish museum and visitors center opened in Moscow Saturday night. The new museum, nestled at “Shaarei Zedek” social aid center, is dedicated to “Tzedakah”, the Jewish charity. The goal of the museum is to educate the public about the importance of charity, which, as Judaism believes, is one of the foundation pillars of […]