Bobruisk, Mariupol & Other Cities commemorate 75 years since the Holocaust

The Jewish community in Bobruisk, Belarus commemorated 75 years since the extermination of Bobruisk ghetto during the Holocaust in three days of memorial events that concluded Sunday. About 14,000 Bobruisk Jews were killed during those horrific days of the war, erasing forever the lively Jewish flare of the city. Over 2,000 community members and guests […]

STARS Ukraine Aims Higher

The Stars Ukraine youth program coordinators, leaders and educators gathered in the city of Dnepr last week to discuss the program’s development goals for the coming year. During the two-day conference, the program leaders from the country’s Jewish communities participated in lectures, workshops and discussions to share their work experience and gain new informal education […]

Important Jewish Resource Translated into Russian

FJC’s Lechaim publishing house released the translation of the sixth and final volume of Ein Yaakov last week, making it the first time the entire work was translated and published in Russia. Ein Yaakov is a compilation of all Aggadic material in the Talmud and is an invaluable treasury of Jewish historic and cultural information, […]

EnerJew Seminar Gathers 250 Activists

A massive youth seminar opened in Moscow yesterday, gathering over 250 teenage activists of the EnerJew youth movement together for 5 days of inspiration and learning. The ‘Grand Shabbaton’ seminar is one of the central events in EnerJew’s calendar, aiming to motivate, educate and inspire members upon returning home for an active and fulfilled year. […]

Fun Jewish Videos Captivate Russian Audiences

In the weeks before the fall High Holidays, Russian-speaking Jews worldwide were surprised to catch a glimpse of a series of fun video clips focused on the upcoming special days in Jewish calendar. The videos, some produced by FJC’s Yahad youth programs platform and some by Zhukovka Moscow JCC, featured local TV personalities, music celebrities, […]

EnerJew Welcomes Estonia’s Youth

EnerJew – the FSU’s Jewish youth movement, officially opened in Tallinn, Estonia this week, making it sixth Russian speaking FSU country to join the active EnerJew family. The opening marks an important step in the development of Tallinn’s Jewish community. “EnerJew Tallinn brings a special force of energy to our small community. Estonia is part […]