‘Darkeinu’ Contest Reveals Jewish Knowledge Champions

The final round of Darkeinu “Olympics” quiz on Jewish tradition knowledge took place last week in Petersburg, Russia. While 1,700 school students from 8 FSU countries participated in the contest’s first round, only 360 made it to the second, and finally 47 arrived to fight for “Olympic” victory. “This is the fourth year our contest […]

FJC Communities Begin Passover Aid Effort

With the holiday of Passover coming up, FJC’s Jewish communities and organizations throughout the FSU countries – are busy preparing for Passover, first and foremost focusing on providing the necessary food and supplies for those in need. Aided by the  the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), lead by rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, and additional organizations […]

Global Call to Help FSU Jewry Celebrate Passover

Ahead of this year’s Passover holiday, the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS (FJC) is running a fundraising campaign aimed at providing needy Jewish families across the FSU with Matzah, wine and other kosher for Passover products necessary for celebrating the holiday. For the last 25 years the FJC, together with loyal partners from […]

Jewish Education Conference in Ukraine “Timely”

A unique Jewish education conference took place in Ukraine in the beginning of the month, organized by FJC’s International Pedagogical Institute “Beit Chanah” in Dnepr. The two-day event, called “Jewish heritage and modernity”, was dedicated to discussing challenges of teaching Jewish heritage and culture in higher-education institutions and presented latest academic methodics and analysis on […]

Despite Ongoing Trials of History, Ukraine Matzah Bakery Continues Its Unique Legacy

A century of struggle to make and consume ‘the symbol of Passover’ By Dovid Margolin | Chabad.org At the state-of-the-art Tiferes Hamatzos bakery in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, matzahs are hand-rolled and baked under strict rabbinical supervision. In this eastern Ukrainian city—the country’s fourth-largest, and historically one of its most Jewish—the crisp, round matzahs are carefully packaged and […]

Preparing for Passover in Ukraine’s last shtetl

By Cnaan Liphshiz | JTA BERSHAD, Ukraine (JTA) — At first glance, this drab town 160 miles south of Kiev seems nearly identical to the settlements that dot the poverty-stricken district of Vinnitsa. Shrouded in a seemingly permanent cloud of smoke from wood fires — still the standard means of heating here — Bershad, population 13,000, features […]

Holiday Highlights: Festive Purim Celebrations Brighten up Moscow’s Winter

Thousands of people took part in more than a hundred different events that were held in Moscow over Purim this year, including events and Megillah readings held in synagogues,Jewish community centers, educational institutions, and various prisons around Moscow. Major programs were held at the Jewish Center and the Central Synagogue Marina Roscha, headed by Russia’s […]

FSU Children’s ‘Mega Purim’ Raises Money for Charity

Over a thousand dollars were collected by FSU Jewish children and teenagers as part of FJC’s Mega Purim fundraiser conducted over the holiday in the region. The money, $1,290 in total, is being donated to the LifeChanger FSU project, where it will go towards medicine and rehabilitation for 11-year old Ilareon, one of LifeChanger’s participants, […]

New Jewish College Club Opens in Moscow

A new college Jewish club opened at Moscow’s prestigious School of Economics university last week. Over 250 students registered for the club that will host cultural and social events, organize lectures and classes. The newly opened Jewish club joined the family of other ethnic organizations at the university that include clubs for students of various […]

Purim in Sumy – Under The Sea!

Continuing their yearly tradition, the Jewish community in Sumy, Ukraine – headed by Rabbi Yechiel S. and Mrs. Rochi Levitansky, transformed their Synagogue building into an ‘Under the sea’ Purim celebration. In an uplifting atmosphere 150 community members from all ages, participated and fulfilled the four special commandments of Purim. As the guests entered the building, they were […]