Darkeinu Runs Passover Contest for FSU School Students

In time for the Passover holiday, FJC’s Darkeinu is running another seasonal contest, this time aimed at getting students of Jewish schools throughout the FSU actively involved in the story of the holiday. The contest, named Mega Pesach, asks students to submit their own original composition on the theme of exodus from Egypt. The composition […]

New Nursing Center, First of its Kind, Opens in Moscow

Another gem of the Jewish ‘Chesed’ Center in Moscow: professional and dedicated nursing care for the elderly and lonely Jews, including many Holocaust survivors. It was a small, yet impressive ceremony which marked the opening of the Nursing Center. To date, it is the largest center of its kind in all of Russia, which provides […]

Petersburg Jewish Community Joins Relief Efforts in the Aftermath of Subway Attack

The Jewish community of Petersburg, Russia opened its doors to anyone in need of help in the aftermath of terrorist attack in the city subway yesterday. Together with Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar the community sent its condolences to the victims of the attack, which left 14 dead and about 50 injured. The attack was […]