10th Anniversary Graduates at Odessa Jewish University

FJC’s Odessa Jewish University celebrated the graduation of its senior class last week, marking the program’s 10-year anniversary. The 17 new graduates received diplomas in finance, pre-law, graphics, education, and psychology – all prestigious degrees that will help their holders down the road. Along the way the graduates also continued to learn about Jewish tradition […]

Knizhniki Presents at Jerusalem Book Fair

FJC’s Knizhniki publishing house exhibit was one of the highlights at the International Book Fair in Jerusalem recently, attracting a wide and enthusiastic audience. Knizhniki, which publishes Jewish literature of many types and styles in Russian, also hosted gallery talks and book presentations, two in Jerusalem and two in Tel Aviv. “This is our fifth […]

Nineteen New Rabbis Ordained in Moscow

Nineteen rabbinical students graduated from the High Torah Yeshiva Academy in Moscow last week. The new graduates will now be able to serve Jewish communities in dozens of cities throughout Russia and the FSU as rabbis and community leaders. The students received their rabbinical ordinations after years of study and final examinations in a moving […]

EnerJew Summer Camp Prepares for Action

As the school year across the FSU region has come to an end, the EnerJew movement’s weekly club meetings in its 39 cities are also taking a break for summer vacations. Most of the cities have already celebrated the end of the season with memorable and colorful “EnerJew-style” activities.  That does not mean, however, that […]

Jewish Film Festival Opens in Moscow

FJC-sponsored 3rd annual Jewish Film Festival opened in Moscow yesterday, with hundreds of people in attendance of what has become one of the top cinematography events in the Russian capital over the last years. The festival goes on till the 20th of June, and will showcase over 50 films, most of which have never been […]

Unique Jewish Children’s Center Opens in Krasnoyarsk

A new children education center opened its doors in FJC’s Jewish community of Krasnoyarsk, southern Russia yesterday. The center, designed by Israeli architects, includes a children’s tolerance museum, a Sunday school, a well-equipped gym for sport activities, an auditorium and dance studios. It also hosts an interactive exhibit “Museum-Lectorium” that allows all children to become […]

Two New Gifts for the Community of Orenburg

The Jews of Russia’s far-East city of Orenburg rejoiced last week as the community celebrated two festive occasions ahead of the Shavuot holiday: a new Torah scroll for their synagogue and the inauguration of a new FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ kindergarten that will welcome its first little patrons in September. The occasions, both of which were […]

FSU Jewry Celebrates Shavuot in Style

Hundreds of Jewish communities across the former Soviet Union region participated in celebrating the holiday of Shavuot last week. Shavuot, which celebrates the giving of the Torah, is a holiday of many beloved customs that include all-night learning, flower decorations and milk delicacies, and these customs came in full play in community celebrations. Even before […]

Historic Renovation Works Launched at Bryansk Synagogue

After a long period of preparations, construction finally began to renovate and expand the historic synagogue of Bryansk, South-West Russia.The Bryansk synagogue was built in 1905 by the city Jewish community, whose members each pitched in to have the building completed.  In 1929 the community was banned from the building that came under the authority […]