Bobruisk Begins Jewish Historic Site Development

The Jewish community in Bobruisk, Belarus rejoiced last week as long-awaited construction on the site of the historic city synagogue began. The site, which holds the remains of the Shoichet’s synagogue, once a famous city landmark, was transferred to the community by the regional government in 2015, and now, after three years of fundraising and […]

Fighting Escalates Near Mariupol; Community Life Carries On

Tensions escalated in East Ukraine’s armed conflict zone in recent weeks, with heavy shelling taking place in the last two days near Mariupol, Ukraine, as reported by news outlets, city and suburb residents. Mariupol’s Jewish community is keeping on high alert while carrying on daily life as usual. “There were massive explosions in the last […]

STARS Ukraine Takes Greece by Storm

At the beginning of May, 80 young Jews from Ukraine went on a week-long journey to Greece as part of the STARS Ukraine annual Europe trip for the program’s most excelling students. The participants, aged 18 to 28, came from all over the country for the unique experience.  The trip, while being a reward for […]

WWII Ultimate Victory – Providing Jewish Education to the Youth

FSU’s Jewish communities participated in Victory Day events last week that marked 73 years to the end of World War, which, in a considerable part, came about as a result of the Soviet Army’s efforts in defeating Nazi Germany. The war took the lives of at least 15 million USSR citizens, both troops, and civilian, amongst them […]

Chief Rabbi Lau Impressed by Judaism Shining in Moscow

Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau Visited the Jewish Community of Moscow, paying tribute on the Jewish date of Victory when many of Europe’s Jews were Liberated. Chief Rabbi Lau arrived for a quick visit of 24 hours to Russia’s capital city. He participated in a series of events that marked the Jewish date […]

EnerJew Runs Ten City Seminars for Youth in April, May

The EnerJew Jewish youth movement in the FSU has conducted over ten Shabbaton seminars in the last two months, bringing together more than 400 teenagers for an unforgettable experience of shared heritage, connections, and learning. Shabbaton seminars usually span two to three days from Friday to Sunday and include fun group activities, many educational workshops, […]

Victory Day Celebrated in Russia, Ukraine, other FSU communities

Hundreds of memorial events took place to mark today, May 9th, celebrated in Russia and most of the other FSU countries as Victory Day over Nazi Germany, throughout the region’s Jewish communities. Local Jewish educational institutions – FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ Jewish school and kindergarten network throughout Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan and Jewish colleges […]

Jewish Pride on Display for Lag BaOmer Celebrations in the FSU

Last week, hundreds of Jewish communities across the FSU region ran fun Lag BaOmer activities for their youngest members along with their parents and grandparents, youth and students alike. The activities included bonfires, parades, outdoor sports and recreation, musical and circus performances and were attended by tens of thousands of people. Lag BaOmer is celebrated […]