Yom Kippur 5779: Yizkor at the KOTEL for you loved ones

On this Yom Kippur, the FJC – Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS, offers all those who wish to have their loved ones commemorated at the Western Wall the opportunity to do so.  Our rabbis will recite the prayer at the holy site for all those whose names are submitted to our website, during the […]

Latvian Jewish Community Celebrates New Torah Scroll in Riga

The Jewish community of Riga, Latvia rejoiced this week at the new Torah Scroll welcoming celebration, which took place Sunday on the spot where the city’s Great Choral Synagogue stood until July 1941, when it was burned by the Nazi soldiers with countless people trapped inside.  Hundreds of Riga’s Jews – community members, guests young and […]

‘Darkeinu’ Launches Mega Youth Contest for New Year

FJC’s Darkeinu Jewish educational curriculum launched another one of its “Mega” internet contests ahead of Rosh Hashana 5779 this week.  The contest is aimed at getting Jewish kids across the FSU involved in preparations for the upcoming holiday, which involves learning more about its customs, history, and traditions. For Mega Rosh Hashana the children are […]

Mother-and-Child Camp in Zhitomir Provides a Much Needed Respite

FJC’s ‘Alumim’ Jewish Child Development Center in Zhytomir, Ukraine hosted its annual summer camp for disadvantaged families at the beginning of the month. The camp provided 29 mothers-and-children families, 100 people altogether, with an opportunity to spend quality time together at a comfortable and secure environment, while the camp’s staff prepared an enticing educational program […]

EnerJew Summer Camps: ‘Smashing Success’ in Russian and Ukraine

Over 400 Jewish teens across Russia and Ukraine participated in four EnerJew summer camps in those countries in the last few weeks. Concluded to raving reviews on Wednesday, the camps became the highlight of the summer in the Jewish FSU and one of “the most successful EnerJew events” in the movement’s 5-year history. Next year […]

Young Rabbis to Visit Over 100 FSU Communities on a Revival Mission

Last week three teams of Russian rabbinical students in specially equipped trailers, commonly known as ‘mitzvah-mobiles’ throughout the Jewish world, went out on a mission to visit the country’s remote communities, reviving and invigorating Jewish life along their routes. Their goal is to visit over 50 FJC community centers and synagogues and participate in local […]

Ukraine’s Beit Chana Institute Opens High School and Master’s Program

This summer FJC’s International Pedagogic Institute “Beit Chana” in Dnieper, Ukraine is drastically expanding its scope of activity by opening a master’s and a high school program.  The Institute recently received the government’s license to offer high-school education for 9th, 10th and 11th grades and a master’s degree in the “Psychology” and “Pre-school education” majors. […]