Moscow: Fourteen Students Ordained as Rabbis

This may not be the first group of Yeshiva students to receive Rabbinical ordination in Moscow, but the excitement of it is no less than the first time. Most of these students did not receive a Jewish education as children, yet they worked hard and persevered at Torah learning until they reached this milestone.  They […]

First Jewish Youth Center Opens in Russia’s Jewish Autonomous Region

An excited crowd gathered around as Rabbi Berel Lazar, Chief Rabbi of Russia, along with the governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region, Alexander Levintal, and the Chief Rabbi of Birobidzhan, Rabbi Eliyahu Riss, cut the red ribbon, officially opening the first Jewish Youth Center in the Far East of Russia. The new center is located […]

Azerbaijan: FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ school among the top 20

Schools in Azerbaijan are annually evaluated and assessed based on various pedagogical and educational factors by the State Examination Center (SEC). The level of education granted to the students at the FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ Jewish school in the capital of Baku was rated among the top 20 in the entire country. The school’s curriculum combines […]

EnerJew – FSU’s Jewish Youth Movement – Celebrates 5th Birthday

EnerJew, the Jewish youth movement of the FSU, celebrated its 5th anniversary last week. Launched in 2014 with five cities and an idea of “changing the world”, the movement now amounts to 50 large cities across eight FSU countries, with over three thousand teens who have participated in its seminars, meetings, camps and programs.  “Five […]

Putin Unveils Memorial to Jewish Uprisings in Nazi Death Camps

By David Israel | Jewish Press | Photo credit: Mikhail Metzel, TASS, via Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday unveiled at Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center a monument to the heroes of uprisings in Nazi concentration camps and Jewish ghettos during World War II, TASS reported. The monument is an abstract composition of black […]