Ukraine: Netanyahu Meets with Rabbis, Leaders of Jewish Communities

Rabbi Mayer Stambler, head of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine, addressed Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and foreign and Ukrainian officials in a meeting with the Rabbis and leaders of the Jewish communities in Ukraine. At the event, Rabbi Stambler spoke about the growth of the Jewish communities and the dedicated work that Chabad emissaries perform […]

‘Mitzvah Tanks’ take to the streets of Russia and Ukraine

Summer in Russia and Ukraine sees Mitzvah Tanks visiting the most distant communities throughout the region, thanks to a unique project backed by the Federation of Jewish Communities.   Leaders and community rabbis throughout the region have a deep desire to bring the joy and light of Judaism to Jews everywhere. In both countries, there are […]

Netanyahu Visits Ukraine; Mariyinsky Palace Koshered

For a single day, Ukraine’s Presidential residence was koshered for the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; Rabbi Yonatan Markovitch delivered a prayer. By COLlive reporter Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently on an official visit to Kiev, the first state visit of a foreign leader to Ukraine since the election of President Vladimir Zelensky, who is Jewish. The […]

77th memorial to second largest mass murder of Jews from the FSU

On Sunday, August 11, was the 77th anniversary of the second largest mass execution of Jews in the FSU by the Nazi invaders. The largest mass murder took place in Baby Yar. On August 11-13, 1942, the Nazi’s murdered more than 27,000 men, women, and children from Rostov-on-Don. The Nazi’s marched the Soviet and Jewish […]

Girl’s Camp Dream Comes True

As a camper, Liora’s dream was to return to Camp Gan Israel of Rostov, Russia, as a counselor. This year, that dream was fulfilled – and she was thrilled when she found out who the activities director was. Some kids just live for camp. All year long they talk about it, they relive it, and they […]

Krasnaya Sloboda: First Kosher restaurant opens in historic village

The idea of a Jewish shtetl or village was all but destroyed during the holocaust and the rise of soviet communism. However, in a mountainous region in Azerbaijan, there is a small unique and intriguing Jewish settlement remaining.  A place that remains untouched by the world around it. It is called Qırmızı Qəsəbə and it […]

The Rambam’s 14 holy books have been translated into Russian

Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar, happily announced that the Yad HaChazakah, the 14 books written by the Rambam, have all been translated into Russian. The books of the Rambam have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s encouragement of Jews worldwide to study the texts. The Rambam’s […]

Chernivtsi: Memorial monument placed on mass grave of pogrom victims

The Jews living in Sadhora [Sadigura], a small shtetl in Ukraine knew no reprieve when the Russians were victorious over the German army. The Red Army, who had just returned home after their victory over the Wehrmacht in 1941, still had the fire of war and destruction burning in their hearts. Government officials, who understood […]