Anti-Semitism is at record low in Russia – chief rabbi

By: RT The Jewish community is feeling comfortable in Russia with anti-Semitic sentiments dropping to a record low, the country’s chief rabbi said, attributing the change to both government efforts and a shift in public opinion. Speaking at the 7th convention of the Federation of Jewish Communities (FJC) that kicked  off in Moscow on Tuesday, […]

Naama Issachar’s Mom’s Emotional Thanks to Rabbi Lazar

Mrs. Yaffa Issachar, mother of Naama Issachar who was pardoned today after serving 10 months in a Russian prison, visited Russian Chief Rabbi Berl Lazar to thank him for his efforts – both publicly and privately – to help her daughter gain freedom.

Goldis Family Establishes Memorial for Ukranian Jews

By Barbara Lewis | JN The Jewish News A monument now marks a mass grave of Ukrainian Jews murdered during the Holocaust. Photo by Andrey Marushchak: Alex Goldis stands beside a monument he and his family commissioned to honor the lives of thousands of Jews, including his grandparents, murdered in mass graves in his hometown […]

Gulf Nation Ambassador Visits Russian Chief Rabbi

Qatar’s Ambassador to Russia Fahad bin Muhammad al-Atay met this morning with Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar in his offices at the Marina Roshcha Center in central Moscow. Qatar is a tiny gulf country located in the Arabian Peninsula, with close ties to Iran and Turkey. About six months ago, Rabbi Lazar hosted the Ambassador of the […]

For first time, Ukrainian Parliament marks int’l Holocaust Remembrance Day

“I am proud to stand here today and to affirm that I, Jonathan, carry on the name of my great-grandfather who was burned in this land just because he was a Jew!” Rabbi Markovich said in his address. By JERUSALEM POST STAFF | (photo credit: IAN DOBRONOSOV) For the first time in its history, the […]

Bobruisk Welcomes New Torah Scroll

A new Torah Scroll celebration took place in Bobruisk, Belarus for the first time in almost a hundred years on Sunday. The celebration took to the streets for festive Jewish dancing and a parade never before seen on the streets of Bobruisk. The entire community came together to partake in the celebrations, which began in […]

Irkutsk Synagogue Celebrates 140th Anniversary

The Jewish community of Irkutsk, Russia is celebrating the 140th anniversary of the city’s synagogue this year. The synagogue is one of the oldest synagogues in the country – it was built by Irkutsk’s Jewish community, which included people from all walks of life and occupations, in 1880. The synagogue was also active during the […]

FJCR Rabbis Secure Rights to Visit Jewish Prisoners in Moscow

The FJC of Russia signed an agreement with the country’s Federal Corrections Authority (FCA) about visiting Jewish prisoners in Moscow jails recently. Under the agreement, FJC rabbis have the right to visit Jewish prisoners, provide spiritual guidance and give lessons on Jewish tradition.  The agreement is an update of a similar agreement valid since 2017, […]

EnerJew ‘Gives Light’ to Disadvantaged Children

EnerJew, the FSU’s Jewish youth movement, raised over $13,000 for charity this Chanukah in an annual ‘Giving Light’ fundraiser run together with the LifeChanger FSU humanitarian service. The money will benefit LifeChanger children in distress.  This is the third year EnerJew is running the fundraiser, in which candles that the region’s Jewish teenagers light over […]

Darkeinu Runs ‘Forward-thinking’ Seminar in Odessa

Teachers and pedagogical staff of Russian-language Jewish schools throughout the FSU and Israel gathered in Odesa, Ukraine last month for an educational seminar run by FJC’s Darkeinu curriculum.  Overall 29 Jewish studies’ professionals from 14 cities participated in the three-day seminar, whose program this year was focused on learning new educational techniques; networking; exchanging ideas […]