The 113-year-old synagogue in Kostroma reopens its doors

Possibly the oldest wooden synagogue in Europe, the synagogue in Kostroma, which is over a century old, began to show its age. The structure, which was confiscated from the Jewish community during the communist regime, is a prized treasure for the local Jewish community of Kostroma and a historical monument for Jews the world over. […]

Spreading awareness about drug use and addiction

The FJC has its ear to the ground and is constantly striving to provide the communities of the former Soviet Union with the services that they need most.  Unfortunately, the widespread use of alcohol and addiction to drugs is all too common in the FSU. The most effective and forward-thinking strategy to support and prevent […]

Making Judaism accessible in Russian

For many of us living in this day and age, we do not open a book or visit a library to find information. The internet, google, youtube and other quick and accessible information sources are our number one go-to when it comes to figuring things out.  For the Jewish communities across the FSU, who until […]

‘Darkeinu’ Olympics: Results In from 2nd Round

Over 1,450 Jewish students from across the FSU, aged 5-18, took part in the second round of FJC’s ‘Darkeinu’ annual Jewish studies Olympic contest, which took place in January. The contest’s last round for 84 finalists from 7th to 11th grade will take place in Jerusalem at the end of April. For kindergarten and 1-4th […]

Jewish Kindergarten Teachers Tune Up Skills at Darkeinu Seminar

Over 40 Jewish kindergarten teachers gathered in Kyiv at the end of last month for a three-day training seminar organized by FJC’s Darkeinu educational curriculum. Darkeinu strives for educational excellence in its Jewish studies curriculum and organizes professional-pedagogical seminars a few times a year for every group of teachers in the program as part of […]

All-Ukrainian Jewish Community Forum in Dnepro

Six hundred Jewish leaders, including community leaders and active members, educators and rabbis from across Ukraine gathered last week in Dnepro, Ukraine for an unprecedented Forum of Ukrainian Jewish Communities. The event celebrated the revival of Jewish life in the country, providing inspirational lectures, workshops, and bonding in a festive atmosphere of brotherhood and unity […]

FJC of Russia Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary

Convention marking the 20th anniversary of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJCR) took place in Moscow last week. FJCR community leaders and rabbis from 140 Russian cities were joined by government officials and diplomats; representatives of charity organizations and religious confessions; cultural and social activists.  The convention focused on topics such as combating […]

US Ambassador to Russia Delivers First Official Speach at Jewish Museum Ceremony

Remarks by Ambassador John J. Sullivan. International Holocaust Remembrance Day at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Moscow, Russia Rabbi Lazar, Rabbi Boroda, honored guests. As you probably know, I arrived in Moscow less than two weeks ago, and this is one of the first public events in which I have had the opportunity to […]

Moscow’s Jewish Museum Holds Unique Memorial Ceremony

A somber memorial ceremony took place at FJC’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow last week for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day with the participation of Israeli, American and German diplomats, FJC leaders, cultural and entertainment figures, holocaust survivors and war veterans.  As the evening progressed, participants shared personal accounts of connection to the […]