Amid the pandemic Russian Jews stay cautious, receive Shavuot packages

Since the fall of the Soviet regime, Jewish life in Russia has experienced an incredible revival.   By  ROSSELLA TERCATIN | The Jerusalem Post When the coronavirus crisis started to deepen, the Jewish community of Irkutsk took the issue very seriously. Before any form of lockdown was required by the Russian authorities the community in the eastern […]

Petersburgh Military Museum to Honor Jewish War-Heroes with Exhibition

In the lead-up to the 75th anniversary of the conclusion of the Second World War, the Central Naval Museum of St. Petersburgh has hosted an exposition entitled ‘Jewish Warriors — Heroes of the Soviet Union.’ The name of the event is an allusion to the title that was bestowed upon individuals, for heroic feats performed […]

Jewish Community Leaders Commemorate 75th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War

For obvious historical reasons, the anniversary of the conclusion of the Second World War has always carried tremendous significance for world Jewry. This year’s world-wide commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the triumph of the free world over the forces of fascism in World War Two, also saw the observance of a relatively new addition […]

‘Or Menachem’ FJC Online Learning Software Goes Global

FJC’s Online Learning Software was created several years ago to serve Jewish students living in remote areas across Ukraine, Russia, and the former Soviet Union. Up to recent times, it was exclusively used by its ‘Or Menachem’ online school. However, recently, it has extended its reach to hundreds of Jewish schools across the globe to […]

Airplane Hangar Converted to Distribution Center

In a massive project the likes of which Russia has never seen, tens of thousands of kosher food packages are being distributed to Russia’s Jews. In an enormous hangar in Moscow, something huge is happening these days. A project of kindness, the likes of which Russia, and especially its capital, Moscow, has never seen. Since […]

Uplifting Project: “Shabbat at Home” Brings Shabbat Atmosphere to Every Jewish Home

Every Friday for the last few weeks, thousands of Shabbat kits, each including challah, wine, candles, explanatory brochures, and a festive dinner, have been delivered to the homes of Jewish community members across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and additional FSU countries. This is part of a new and exciting project aimed at bringing the blessing of […]

Moscow’s Jewish museum uploads previously unseen photos of Berlin’s Soviet occupiers

BY CNAAN LIPHSHIZ | JTA Photo: Major-General Matvey Weinrub, left, and writer Konstantin Simonov on the Hallesche-Tor-Brücke Bridge over the Landver Canal in Berlin, May 1945. (From the collection of the Moscow Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center) Moscow’s Jewish museum is showing previously unseen photographs from the Red Army’s invasion of Berlin during World War […]

Kherson: Two Neo-Nazis Detained by Police

Following the arson attempt on Kherson’s JCC and Grand Synagogue, the local police announced yesterday that it had arrested two neo-Nazi youngsters, aged 19 and 20. The two admitted their involvement in the attempt and explained that their actions were intended as a gift to the despised Fuhrer of Nazi Germany on his birthday. Symbolically, […]

FSU Jewry prepares for original Lag B’omer celebrations

Coming next week is the festival of Lag B’omer, traditionally celebrated across the globe with bonfires, joyous dancing and colorful children’s parades. Usually, thousands march through the city centers in a display of Jewish unity and pride. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Jewish communities across the former Soviet Union are coming up […]