Ukrainian President Zelensky Visits Synagogue Targeted by an Attempted Arson Attack

President of Ukraine, Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky, paid a visit to the synagogue of Kherson that suffered an attempted attack by arsonists this past April. The visit came as part of an official working trip to the city—which is home to a Jewish community of about five thousand—and the surrounding eponymous region. During the visit, the […]

FJC’s ‘For Life’ Emergency Project Extends a Helping Hand to Brethren in Need

Few countries in the world can compare with the Ukraine, when it comes to having a rich Jewish cultural heritage. The country is the birthplace of the Hasidic movement and its Jewish community has produced some of the greatest names in Jewish (as well as global) history—from distinguished religious scholars and philosophers, to giants of […]

“Darkeinu Olympics—5780,” go off Without a Hitch, Despite Restrictions Imposed by COVID19

The ability to adapt to sudden and unexpectedly changing circumstances is a quality that is indispensable for achievement of success. Without a doubt, Darkeinu’s dedicated staff managed to put this maxim into practice, allowing more than 2,500 Jewish students, from no-less-than 52 different cities, across nine different countries to contend for the championship title of […]

EnerJew’s Activists Spring into Action, with COVID19 Community Relief Programs

Vaccine of Love: In more normal times, the CIS-based youth organization — EnerJew — concerns itself chiefly with fostering Jewish values and activities, for the benefit of Jewish teenagers living in various parts of the former Soviet Union. In addition to the nurture of heritage and roots, the other, equally important ideological aspect of EnerJew’s […]

‘Keren Or’ Shines the Light of the Judaism Into the Homes of Ukraine’s Jews

Translated from Hebrew as “Ray of Light”, the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine’s ‘Keren Or’ initiative extend special support to Ukraine’s Jewish community towards the holiday of Shavuot taking place under the shadow of the COVID19 pandemic — which made the already uneasy life of Ukraine’s Jews — even more challenging. The festival of […]

EnerJew’s Scope of Online Activities Continues to Grow, to Meet 21st Century Challenges

As an organization primarily aimed at Jewish teenagers, EnerJew’s staff has always understood the importance of maintaining a robust presence in cyberspace due to the obvious truism that for modern youths especially, the internet serves as the primary medium of communication, as well as a public forum for the discussion and dissemination of ideas. Within […]

Russian TV Megastar and Impresario № 1, Ivan Urgant, Joins YAHAD’s WW2 Commemorations

As part of the events surrounding the 75th anniversary of the conclusion of the Second World War, a large-scale educational online conference was organized and held on the 10th of May by YAHAD, FJC’s youth programming platform. The event was attended by a star-studded cast of notables from the FSU’s Jewish community, including Russia’s premier […]

Tallinn’s Grand Synagogue Celebrates Its Bar-Mitzvah

In a joyous occasion for the Jewish community of Estonia, Tallinn’s Grand Synagogue recently celebrated its 13th anniversary. Completed in 2007, the sleek, ultramodern building can comfortably seat 180 congregants. Additionally, the seating area has the capacity to temporally increase its holding size to 230 seats in case of concerts or other public events. The […]