EnerJew’s Summer Camp Program Refuses to be Derailed by COVID19

Normally, one does not associate the words “Summer Camp” with computer screens and keyboards. But unusual times call for unusual measures and the global COVID19 pandemic is a perfect example of just such unusual circumstances. The obvious fact that the pandemic showed no signs of abating as the summer season came around, meant that either […]

Regional Administration in Ukraine Presents Chief Rabbi of Chernivtsi with Award

On July 17th, an event of significance to the local Jewish community occurred in the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi, which is located in the historical region of Bukovina. Rabbi Menachem Glitzenstein — the chief rabbi of the city, as well as the surrounding region, was presented with the “Grateful Bukovina” civic award. The civic honor […]

The Rabbi “Who Saved Purim” Will Lead the Jewish Community in Birobidzhan

Young Kharkiv Rabbi, Ephraim Kolpak, will begin his work as Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast at the end of August, just before the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah Currently, he is in Moscow, where he receives instructions from the previous Chief Rabbi, Eli Riss, who has moved to the Russian capital to lead […]

Students of the Jewish University of Odessa Graduate Despite Pandemic

Next year’s students are going to study programming and the pharmaceutical industry Students of FJC’s Jewish University “Chabad-Odessa” have completed their studies and received state diplomas despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This year 18 students graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, and seven with a Master’s degree, four of them graduated with honors. […]

Moscow: New Synagogue Opens With a Bar Mitzvah

A new synagogue was inaugurated in the Shaarey Tzedek Chesed Center in Moscow with a Bar Mitzvah ceremony and a commitment to continue helping the poor during the pandemic. A new ‘Shul’ Telah L’Moshe was inaugurated in the Shaarey Tzedek chesed center in Moscow, Russia, to serve those who frequent the institution to receive financial […]