Jewish Rostov: First-Ever Special Needs Camp for Children and Parents

30 Jewish children with special needs, together with their parents, enjoyed a week-long summer camp tailored to their needs. The special camp project, initiated by ‘World Without Borders’, took place at a beautiful island resort on the Don River. The ‘World Without Borders’ initiative was established in 2019 by the Jewish community of Rostov, headed […]

Taganrog Community Welcomes New Rabbi

A new Rabbi has been appointed to serve the revived Jewish community of Taganrog, a port city on the north shore of the Sea of Azov in the Rostov-on-Don Oblast in Southern Russia. Rabbi Arie Leib Tkatch and his wife Mrs. Yehudit, formerly from the Jewish community of Krasnodar, will lead the community’s synagogue and […]

Remains of 43 Holocaust Victims Laid to Rest in Volgograd

On June 23 the Jewish community of Volgograd held a funeral ceremony for Jewish civilians shot by the Nazis during the battle of Stalingrad in August 1942. Most of the victims were children, the youngest was only eight months old. The remains were exhumed about a year ago near the village of Vodino, Oktyabrsky district, […]

Emotional Graduation at Lifesaving ‘Beit Chaya’ Children’s Home

An exceptionally challenging year has come to an end at Moscow’s Jewish Children’s home and orphanage, leading the institution’s directors to turn the annual graduation ceremony into an exciting and festive event.   The ‘Beit Chaya’ Children’s home and orphanage is a lifesaving project located in the center of Moscow which serves Jewish toddlers, children, and […]

Tents for Mass Vaccination Set Up in Dnipro Menorah Center

On June 20, Jewish Medical Center (JMC) began vaccinating residents of Dnipro, Ukraine, in the yard of the world’s largest Jewish center ‘Menorah’. The opening of the several tents for the Regional Coronavirus Vaccination Center took place Sunday at 10:00 and was attended by a number of officials and guests of honor. Victoria Kulyk, Acting […]

Kharkiv: New Luxury Mikvah Nearing Completion

More than 30 years since the last Mikvah was built, the city’s Jewish community united to build a new, modern, beautifully designed, and fully accessible Mikvah for the ever-growing number of young families in the city and region. After coming to the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine, in 1990, with the mission of reviving Judaism after […]

Covid-19: Russia’s Chief Rabbi Urges People to Get Vaccinated as New Cases Soar

Rabbi Berel Lazar has called for members of Jewish communities of Russia and other CIS countries to get vaccinated against Covid-19 as country battles new wave of infections. On Saturday, 17,906 new cases were reported in Russia, over a 30 percent rise from the previous week and a record high since February. While Levada Center […]

EnerJew Gratitude Museum Opens Its Virtual Doors

Photo: Oscar Schindler. Stefanida Mikholap and her daughter Galina. Irena Sendler.

Launched just yesterday, EnerJew Gratitude Museum is a 100 percent virtual, interactive and fully immersive exhibition that features stories of the Righteous among the Nations – gentiles who have been honored by Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust memorial, for risking their lives to save Jews during the Nazi occupation of Europe. Volunteers, mainly school students, found a new way […]

Pushkino Charity Garage Sale Draws Hundreds of Residents

A special charity event combined with a communal ‘happening’ took place last Sunday at Pushkino’s Mayakovsky park and drew hundreds of residents to an ‘Open-Garage’ pickup, whatever-you-desire-for-free exchange, and sale. Hundreds of members of the Jewish community, alongside non-Jewish residents of the city of Pushkino, located 30 kilometers north of Moscow, attended the unique event. […]

Azerbaijan Synagogues Reopen after Lockdown

After almost 16 months of Covid-19 lockdowns and severe restrictions, Azerbaijan’s religious institutions have finally reopened, enabling its seven synagogues in the capital of Baku and across the land to resume daily prayer services with certain limitations. “We are excited to return,” says Rabbi Shneor Segal from the Jewish community of Baku, who also heads […]