Rostov Pays Tribute to Thousands Holocaust Victims

Rostov’s Jewish community gathered on August 11 to commemorate the 79th anniversary of the mass shootings in Zmiyovskaya Balka. It is the largest mass murder site of Jews during the Holocaust in Russia and is often referred to as “Russian Babi Yar”. About 27,000 Jews and Soviet civilians were massacred and buried there in August 1942. Rostov-on-Don […]

West Ukraine: Camp for Mothers and Children from Unprivileged Families

More than 80 Jewish mothers and their children from difficult socio-economic backgrounds enjoyed a relaxing ten-day overnight summer camp experience in the FJC’s ‘Alumim’ Children’s home in Zhitomir. The camp, established 11 years ago, has turned into a source of hope for the families. The unique camp took place in the comfortable vacation campus of […]

Jewish Communities of Dnipro and Kamenskoye Welcome Young American Travellers

A group of 25 Jewish girls from New York visited the Beit Baruch Charity Center and the Beit Reuven synagogue in Kamenskoye on the first day of Elul, 9 August 2021. The trip is a part of the famous YTT (Swerdlov Summer Program) 8-day touring camp for Jewish girls in Ukraine. Miryam Swerdlov, the organizer […]

Ukrainian Jewish Schools and Kindergartens Get Massive Makeover 

As a part of the FJC’s large-scale renovation project, many Jewish schools and kindergartens across Ukraine are upgrading facilities and infrastructure, transforming worn out classrooms into ‘smart classes’. During Elul, the final month of the Jewish calendar, the schools are keen to show the results of their hard work.  The ‘Or Avner’ Chabad Lubavitch Jewish school in […]

Pavlohrad: New Rabbi Appointed to Lead Community

The industrial East Ukrainian city of Pavlohrad has recently welcomed a new Chief Rabbi to lead the local Jewish community into a new era of revival and expansion. The newly appointed rabbi Yehuda Kellerman will serve the community’s various religious, cultural, social, and humanitarian needs, aiming to return it to its previous glory before it […]

Keeping It Kosher: Jewish Food Festival and Exhibition Takes Off in Moscow’s Jewish Museum

Tastings, talks and demonstrations accompanied the opening of a new facility dedicated to Kashrut at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center on August 1. To make the conversation engaging and understandable, the multimedia installation in the shape of a restaurant table explains the Jewish laws of nutrition through interactive screens, videos, cards and images. Rabbi […]

Historical Holocaust Monument Inaugurated in Verkhivtseve

A new monument in memory of the victims of the Holocaust during WWII was recently inaugurated in the Ukrainian city of Verkhivtseve, located near Kamianske. The project was initiated by the Jewish community of neighboring Kamianske following new research that revealed the site of the mass shooting and burial of eighteen of the city’s Jews […]

Conference in Almaty Marks 30 Years of Jewish Renaissance in Former Soviet Union

Hundreds of rabbis from over 500 communities of nine CIS countries gathered on Thursday for a four-day convention in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan. The event was timed to the yahrzeit (the anniversary of death) of Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, the father of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The conference was opened by the Chief Rabbi of […]