Cornerstone Laid in Honor of Historical Restoration of Samara Choral Synagogue

Hundreds of community members, dignitaries, and guests, participated in the historic laying of a special cornerstone on the site of the Grand Choral Synagogue of Samara, established in 1908, towards its historic restoration in the near future. The ceremony was headed by the Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, the region’s Governor Mr. Dmitriy Azarov, […]

‘Uber Sukkah’ Reaches Jews Across Kiev

An “Uber Sukkah” service brought a mobile sukkah to hundreds of Jews across Ukraine capital city of Kiev. Shluchim organized parties in the sukkah ad baskets of food were brought to families in need and the elderly. By COLLIVE Jews in Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev celebrated the holiday of Sukkos with a variety of […]