42 EnerJew Clubs Open Doors for the New 2018-2019 Season

EnerJew, the FSU’s Jewish youth movement, celebrated the opening of its new 2018-2019 season throughout the region over the last month in 42 of the project’s cities.

This is the movement’s 5th year of operation, which continues on the path of non-stop growth and expansion and is promising to be the largest and most exciting season yet. 

“EnerJew has already given me a lot. I am constantly learning and applying the new knowledge. And, in my turn, I am more than happy to share with the club all my skills and energy – EnerJew is like family to me!” said Rita Kotliarova, from EnerJew Rostov, Russia.

The new season was opened across seven FSU countries, in 42 city clubs, including a new one in Kremenchuk, Ukraine. 

Every club had their own unique opening event, although many shared common themes rooted in the fall holidays or based on the idea of creatively transforming the community space into a more exciting and socially visible one. Painting, photography, culinary battles, parties themed on different countries of films – the variety of events showcased the creativity and the multi-faceted character of FSU’s Jewish teens, who number well over two thousand in EnerJew by the new season. 

“A lot of EnerJew participants brought their younger siblings to the opening this year – it was exciting to see these young kids who can’t wait to join EnerJew,” said Marianna Yampolsky, EnerJew club coordinator in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. “This year we are introducing larger regional seminars and many other sub-projects that will get underway. EnerJew is growing, it has already become one of the largest and most influential Jewish youth organizations across the FSU and we aim to further support and nurture this growth into a positive and community-supporting direction,” said Konstantin Shulman, EnerJew director about the new season. 

EnerJew is supported by the Finger family foundation, the FJC – Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS, Jewish Agency for Israel and individual donors worldwide. 

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