90 year old celebrates ‘Bar Mitzvah’

The Jewish community of Khmelnitsky, Ukraine, was surprised this morning when an unknown elderly Jew, more than ninety years of age, entered the local Synagogue during the morning services just as the congregation was seeking a tenth Jew in order to begin the services.

Despite the freezing weather outside, the elderly Jew and his wife decided to travel from their remote village to seek Matzah and kosher groceries for the upcoming holiday of Passover. They traveled via train and buses for many hours, all in order to take part in their Jewish tradition now being revived throughout the Former Soviet Union.

After being welcomed, the elderly Jew was invited to attend the service and was called up to the reading of the Torah. At this stage after showing hesitance, the elderly Jew revealed the fact that he had never celebrated his Bar Mitzvah nor had the opportunity to put on Tefilin and pray.

And so, at the age of more than ninety, this dear and beloved elderly Jew celebrated today his Bar Mitzvah and for his first time ever prayed with Tefilin. With tears in his eyes, he thanked the excited Jewish community that invited him to always feel welcome to return, and provided him with Matzah, wine and kosher for Passover groceries.

Jewish revival is taking place in front of our own eyes! [nggallery id=204]

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