A summer refuge for victims of civil war

Thirty children from the war torn  East Ukrainian city of Mariupol are currently enjoying a real summer vacation from the horrors of life at home. Together with the FJC, The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews have sponsored a  3 week camp session for the youth ages, 6 to 13.  

Many of the children have endured major trauma from first hand eyewitness accounts of the horrors of the war zone, losing family members and friends, their homes and possessions. The camp is fully staffed with mental health professionals to help start the process of healing and recovery. The campers are not only receiving positive memories to bring back home with them but full medical care and clothing packages.  The staff are local citizens who know the children and have first hand experience of the same trauma the children have suffered.

While most news sites have moved on to more interesting events many of our readers may not be aware that Eastern Ukraine is still very much a war zone. The end of July saw 86 different incidents of shelling in just one day. There are daily breaches of the ‘peace accords’ and the innocent civilians are the ones suffering the most.

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