Across the FSU: Special Chanukah Kits Distributed in the Thousands

In a unique project, led by the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS, tens of thousands of special Chanukah Kits were distributed to Jewish families in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and additional former Soviet Union countries. The kits were warmly welcomed, and brought the joy, delight and traditions of Chanukah to the most remote and isolated cities and villages.

The special kits, especially designed and constructed in advance, were packed and distributed by the leaders and activists of the Jewish communities in hundreds of cities and towns in the FSU with the help of energetic and motivated volunteers, many of whom are active members of the FJC’s EnerJew and STARS initiatives.

The kits included a personal menorah and candles, dreidel, holiday guide, original Judaica book, a handbook produced in collaboration with the JLI institution, chocolate coins, festive doughnuts, a bottle of kosher oil, a bottle of grape juice and additional items. In addition, thousands of needy families and children received nutritious kosher food packages that were delivered to their homes together with the kits.

In Ukraine, tens of thousands of kits were distributed in collaboration with the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine headed by Rabbi Meir Stambler.

In parallel to the Chanukah Kits project, the Jewish communities operating under the umbrella of the FJC, held thousands of festive events, public menorah lightings, parades, concerts, parties and lectures, each tailored to different audiences and bringing the light of Chanukah to masses of Jews across the continent.


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