Ambassadors attend new Torah inauguration

The inauguration ceremony of a new Torah scroll, donated to the Jewish Community of Baku, Azerbaijan, turned into a significant event attended by the Ambassadors of the USA and Israel and heads of communities.

Over five hundred community members from throughout the land, and friends from abroad, attended the introduction of a new Torah scroll to the local Synagogue of Baku, donated by a special grant from the President of Azerbaijan to the Jewish Communities and by the Lewis family in memory of their father R’ Tzvi Lewis OBM.

The joyous ceremony was attended by Mr. Yebeda Abramov, member of the Azerbaijan parliament, Mr. Adam Sterling, the ambassador of America in Azerbaijan, Mr. Michael lotem, the Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan and by the head of the Ashkenazi community, Mr. Gindy Zalmanovy and Mr. Meilach Yebidayev, the head of the Kazak community.

The event included lively music, dancing, a festive meal in honor of the new Torah, and warm words by the dignitaries attending.


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