30 Tons of Winter Clothing for Ukraine Collected in London

Life-saving wear to be distributed by the Jewish Communities and Chabad centers in Ukraine They gathered by the dozens inside Mill Hill Synagogue in London on Nov. 13, spurred by reports that people in Ukraine are facing the choice between heating or food this winter. Their numbers were dwarfed by the mounds and mounds of large garbage […]

History in Kaliningrad: The New Synagogue Museum Opens its Doors

A new museum, commemorating the unique and rich history of the Jewish community of Prussian Königsberg – now Russian Kaliningrad – throughout the generations, has recently opened its doors to the general public in a festive ceremony attended by dignitaries and community members. The new museum is located within the city’s historic rebuilt synagogue, which […]

From Kherson to Hanover, How Two Sisters Shaped a Family’s Life

The 30-year impact of a heartfelt lesson about Jewish marriage | By By Bruria Efune | Chabad.org When Chaya Wolff was struggling with a new language in order to teach her seventh-grade students at FJC’s Or Avner Day School in Kherson, Ukraine, 27 years ago, she could not possibly have known that someday—in the middle […]

Ukraine-Germany: Jewish University Continues to Operate Despite Crisis

Despite the ongoing and life-endangering crisis, the Jewish University of Odesa continues to provide excellent academic studies, via the internet, to dozens of refugee students residing in Berlin, together with the many who remain in Odesa. The classes and study topics include criminal and civil law, foreign languages, philosophy, finance and economics, high tech and […]

JRNU Presents at Jewish Federations’ General Assembly

Leaders from North America, Europe and Israel are gathered to explore the complex issues facing Jewish communities. Rabbi Mendel Moskovitz of JRNU provided detailed up to date information about the situation in Ukraine and the critical work we are doing to support the tens of thousands of Jews who remain there, particularly as we prepare […]

Irkutsk Jewish Cemetery Undergoes Infrastructure Renovations

The Irkutsk Jewish Cemetery in Siberia has undergone extensive renovation and the repaving of its internal roads and paths. It was established in the 60s, and has served as Irkutsk’s only Jewish cemetery in the last sixty years, the final resting place for the community’s members. “Thanks to the generosity of a caring and special […]

Urgent Efforts in Ukraine to Provide Generators to Jewish Communities

Fears escalate as a harsh winter looms amidst a crippled energy sector As the crisis continues in Ukraine, fears are growing over the impending winter and what that bodes for the country with a third of their energy sector compromised by recent attacks on power plants and critical infrastructure. Ukraine’s government has told refugees not […]

Jewish Kharkov Keeps Residents Warm and Fed as Power Fails and Temps Plunge

Distributing heaters, blankets, home insulation and food in the weary city It’s 6 p.m. and pitch-black outside as a freezing rain falls on the streets of Kharkov, Ukraine. Streetlights are out amidst one of the city’s frequent power outages. Temperatures drop by the hour, and nightfall arrives earlier each day with winter’s approach. The Jewish […]

Kostroma: Jewish Institutions Reopened after Intensive Renovations

  The FJC ‘Or Avner’ Jewish kindergarten, the communal Mikvah, and the famous historical Jewish museum of the riverside West Russian city of Kostroma,  have all been reopened recently in a festive event after undergoing repairs and renovations for the benefit of the city’s Jewish and general population. The veteran Jewish community, lead by Rabbi […]

Uplifting Seminar Brings Hope to Ukrainian Refugees in Israel

Hundreds of Jewish refugees from across Ukraine, and in particular from four major cities, opened the New Year at a special Rosh HaShanah seminar aimed at assisting them to integrate into Israeli society. The long weekend seminar took place in a Jerusalem hotel while the prayer services took place in the famous Heichal Shlomo Synagogue […]