Away From Home: Odessa Jewish University Celebrates 15th Graduation in Berlin

Despite its temporary relocation to Germany, Odessa’s Jewish University marks the end of its 15th year of operation with a remarkable achievement: ten Bachelor’s degrees, one Master’s degree, two college graduates, and five graduates receiving special diplomas with distinction and excellence – all during a time of uncertainty and havoc.

Graduating students, distinguished guests, and family members participated last week in an emotional ceremony marking 15 years of academic and educational success. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, the event took place in Berlin, Germany, where the students and many of Odessa’s Jewish community members are currently staying as refugees. Additional participants, who remained in Ukraine and other countries, participated via Zoom.

The event opened with a letter by the Lubavitcher Rebbe OBM, addressing graduates completing their education in Jewish institutions. The graduates were then presented with diplomas and gifts by the institution’s leaders and educational staff.

These included the Chief Rabbi of Odessa and South Ukraine, Rabbi Avraham Wolff; Mr. Naum Malamut, Vice-Rector of the Chabad-Odessa South Ukrainian Jewish University; Rabbi Fishel Chychelnitsky, Dean of the Jewish University, and a representative of the Berlin Jewish community.

During the event, special words of gratitude were expressed to the many individuals and partners, who invested time and effort for the benefit of the students. Special thanks were given to the Jewish community of Berlin, which has been hosting the university for the last four months.

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