Baltic Death March Victims Remembered in Kaliningrad

A solemn ceremony was conducted in Kaliningrad, Russia last week, commemorating the thousands of Jewish victims of the Baltic “Death march” and its aftermath in 1945.

Hundreds of ceremony participants, among them regional officials, diplomats, religious and community organizations, walked 12 kilometers along the path from Kaliningrad (former Koenigsberg) to a village on the shore of the Baltic sea, where 72 years ago over 7,000 Jews from concentration camps in West Prussia were executed by the Nazis.

“In memory of this tragedy and against all those who want to instill fear and destroy peace in the world, hundreds of people from different cities and countries have gathered here today to walk in the March of Living, regardless of their religion and nationality,” said head of FJC Russia Alexander Boroda in a letter addressed to the ceremony. “Remembering the victims of the Holocaust is our moral obligation and we will continue to preserve it,” he said. Chief rabbi of Kaliningrad David Shvedik and the deputy city mayor also participated.

Six years ago a memorial dedicated to the tragedy was erected on the shores of the Baltic. The 10-meter-high marble monument is made in the shape of arms outstretched to the sky, pleading for help.


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