Baltic Mega Day Unites Dozens of Jewish Youngsters

The Riga Radisson Hotel, situated on the coast of the Daugava River, hosted a once-in-a-lifetime enhancing experience for dozens of Jewish students and young professionals from across the Baltic states.

The special one-day seminar, organized by Chabad and the Baltic Jewish communities, with the participation of FJC’s YAHAD youth organization, began with a luxurious breakfast, followed by an exciting icebreaker activity and an intellectual and creative game that connected the participants with specially selected judges from the local community.

Following this, the participants enjoyed fascinating and topical lectures touching on subjects such as love, happiness, modern life, and more, all from a unique Jewish perspective. The special lectures were conducted in both Russian and English.

Throughout the day, there were also creative workshops, open panels, and “Ask the Rabbi” sessions, featuring inspiring TED-style talks by young charismatic lecturers, such as Rabbi Michi Piekarski of Estonia, energetic activity breaks, a warm lunch, and time for mingling and socializing.

The seminar’s highlight was undoubtedly the incredible evening party led by artist Michael Stavropolsky, who came especially from Moscow, electrifying the atmosphere and getting everyone onto the dance floor.

“The Baltic Youth Day was an unforgettable experience,” one participant recounted. “I met new friends from all over the region, enjoyed fascinating lectures, took part in diverse activities, and above all, felt part of a large and supportive Jewish community. I hope such a day will come again soon!”

“Our goal was to provide Jewish youth in the Baltic Sea region with a day full of positive experiences, Jewish values, Jewish pride, and community connection,” said Rabbi Mendy Zilberstrom, who organized the Mega Day event in Riga together with his wife, Mrs. Shoshi Zilberstrom (Chabad’s emissaries in Jurmala and Riga), with the assistance and support of Rabbi Shneur Kot and Rabbi Mordechai Glazman of Latvia.

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