Boys Yeshivacation Makes Intensive Study Accessible to Dozens of FSU Students

More than 40 Jewish students from Russia and other FSU countries participated in YAHAD’s unique nine-day seminar, combining Yeshiva and vacation, immersing themselves in a deep and comprehensive study of fascinating topics in contemporary Judaism.

“Our goal,” says Rabbi David Shapiro, director of the Boys Yeshivacation, “was to provide our young students with the ability to dedicate their August summer days to studying Judaism, while enjoying a great vacation with great company in an uplifting atmosphere.”

The vacation seminar took place in the “Machon Chamesh” institution, located in the heart of Jewish Moscow, and was headed by leading rabbis and lecturers.

The students, many of whom are frequent participants in YAHAD’s learning programs during the academic year, arrived from across Russia and other countries, such as Belarus and Azerbaijan.

The students also enjoyed an uplifting Shabbaton and were hosted for a homely and welcoming visit by families from the community. “The program that was made possible thanks to Rabbi Mendy Wilansky’s efforts, the Director of YAHAD youth programs,” Shapiro adds, “also gave the youngsters a beautiful opportunity to bond and create new friendships.”

“We themed the seminar,” he concludes “to resemble the Harry Potter series, since every Jew is magical… and made sure to include many hands-on workshops to show that Judaism is very practical and not only philosophical. The students loved this winning combination.”

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