Bryansk: Historic Synagogue Inaugurated After a Decade of Renovation

Hundreds of Jews from Bryansk and the surrounding district, along with the city’s mayor, members of the local parliament, dignitaries, and rabbis, attended the inauguration ceremony of one of the most magnificent synagogues in Russia, which reopened after a decade of restoration and renovation. The historic synagogue was founded over one hundred and thirty years ago.

After a decade of restoration and renovation, one of the most magnificent synagogues in Russia was reopened this morning in Bryansk. The historic synagogue was established in 1891 and confiscated and nationalized in the 1920s by the communist regime. At the initiative of the city’s chief rabbi, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Zaklas and his wife Rivka, the synagogue was brought back to life.

The reconstruction and restoration project took over a decade and incorporated unique wooden decorations, stained glass, and mosaics, each of which took many months of painstaking work.

The synagogue will also serve as a vibrant Jewish center that will run a variety of educational, community, and humanitarian programs and activities for the benefit of the district’s Jews.

“Today is a day of celebration,” says Rabbi Zaklas “not only for our district’s Jews but for our entire nation. We are celebrating the revival of Russian Jewry today thriving and flourishing.”

The event was attended by hundreds of Bryansk Jews, the mayor, members of parliament, and rabbis from all over Russia.


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